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Bio stimulant SalicylPure, for stronger roots

Bio stimulant SalicylPure
Written by Maarten Casteleijn | Last update: 10-08-2020

SalicylPure is a bio stimulant, which can be used to improve the plant’s root development. Due to good and strong roots, a better plant growth can be expected. Many cucumber cultivators have seen a faster crop growth on substrate mats, an earlier production of cucumbers and an increase in the cucumber’s weight. Besides, the bio stimulant is suitable for integrated cultivations. 

What is SalicylPure?

SalicylPure is a bio stimulant containing the natural extract of willow bark as main component. Due to its 100% systemic functioning, the product is spread throughout the entire plant by means of plant juices. 

What does SalicylPure do?

Thanks to the use of SalicylPure, a more solid crop and a faster development of roots is ensured. Because of this positive development, a better and faster growth of the crop is created. Moreover, a positive effect on photosynthesis, and root and leaf growth was proven. In the Netherlands, SalicylPure is accepted for organic cultivations. Besides, it can safely be used in combination with natural enemies and natural pollinators. It is recommended to check the regulations in terms of organic cultivation in any other country than the Netherlands.

Advantages of SalicylPure

✔ Decrease in falling-out of flowers
✔ Better root development 
✔ Higher yields
✔ Harmless to natural enemies and (bumble)bees

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Application of SalicylPure

Two different methods of application are possible for SalicylPure. The bio stimulant can be added to the crop through injection/spraying or through the A fertilizer tank. In addition, it can be pulsed by means of a Dosatron or a Venturi can be applied. 

It is possible that use is made of dripping nozzles in substrate cultivations. When this is the case, it is recommended to dose SalicylPure from the A fertilizer tank. 

Attention: the extract of willow bark is broken down by hydrogen peroxide. It should always be considered not to add this product to the fertilizer tank, when H2O2 is present. A tip given by our specialist is to temporarily turn off the disinfection when using SalicylPure. 

Dosage of SalicylPure

The recommended dosage for injection/spraying is 200 ml/100 liters of water, with a minimum of 1 liter/ha. When dosing from the A tank or a separate dosing system is desired, a dosage of 1 liter ha/week is advised. Please note, the pH range should minimally be 4.5 and when SalicylPure is used more often, an interval of 7 days (minimal) must be kept into account. 

Questions about Salicylpure

Do you have any questions about SalicylPure, or do you need personal advice? Please contact our specialist Maarten Casteleijn by filling in the form below. We'll respond within 24 hours on working days.

Maarten Casteleijn About Maarten Casteleijn

Maarten Casteleijn is a product specialist in plant resistance at Royal Brinkman. In addition to experience in horticulture, he also has experience in teaching and coordinating research in the medical sector. By combining his work experiences, he can look at a problem with different perspectives and think out of the box. Maarten says that his passion is reflected in his work experience: receiving and sharing knowledge. "I have a broad interest in innovation and sustainability. Together with the grower, I want to achieve a final zero discharge by increasing plant resilience". 

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