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Why is pre-treatment of flowers so important?

Pre-treatment flowers
Written by Jaap Lubbersen | Last update: 21-10-2020

Pre-treatment agents, agents that are not unknown in floriculture. Often the use of certain means is mandatory for the delivery of the flowers at the auction. But why is it even more important to pre-treat cut flowers? And what should you pay attention to? The specialist tells it in this article.

The importance of pre-treatment of cut flowers

When you grow flowers, you work hard to deliver the highest possible quality product. Unfortunately it doesn't stop here. There is a lot involved.

The flowers have a long way to go to the final destination: the consumer's living room. The desire for a grower is, of course, to keep flowers beautiful for as long as possible.
To ensure that the flowers, during their long journey, remain strong, beautiful and fresh, pre-treatment is essential. If you do not do this, there will be a lot more failure through the chain and you will have fewer satisfied customers. For this reason, the auction even makes pre-treatment of some types of flowers mandatory. 

Points of attention in the pre-treatment of cut flowers

As mentioned earlier, pre-treatment of cut flowers is essential to maintain a healthy and strong flower. When using pre-treatment agents, it is wise to take a number of factors into account. There are three preconditions for optimal pre-treatment that you need to take into account:

It seems very simple, but good hygiene is very important for the quality of the flowers. Therefore, always make sure you work with clean buckets, clean tools and make sure the working environment is also clean. If you use old and dirty water, it will be disastrous for your flowers;

All flower types have their own optimal storage temperature, which can vary enormously. A few degrees too hot or too cold, already has negative effects on the quality and can possibly cause damage. Therefore, always keep in mind the doors of the cold stores, but also the processing area that opens and closes. Humidity is important and fungi that can develop due to condensation and poor hygiene on the farm should be taken into account;

Water quality
The origin of the water you use is extremely important for the ideal pre-treatment. Some common water sources are 'Reversed Osmosis' water, spring water, groundwater, basin water and tap water. It is important to be aware of the properties of these water sources and what to do best with the water source you are using.

Which pre-treatment agent is suitable?

If you meet all these conditions, then you have created the ideal situation for the best possible pre-treatment. The best pre-treatment differs enormously per flower type. Would you like to talk to us about the ideal pre-treatment for your flowers, or would you like more information, or perhaps set up a test? Then please contact us. We are happy to think along with you about this.

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Questions about the pre-treatment of flowers?

If you have any questions about the pre-treatment of flowers or if you would like tailor-made advice, please contact crop care specialist Jaap Lubbersen using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible, on weekdays even within 24 hours.

Jaap Lubbersen About Jaap Lubbersen

Jaap Lubbersen is an internal crop care product specialist at Royal Brinkman and has had over 13 years of experience in glass horticulture. "As an internal product specialist, I deal with growers' issues on a daily basis. Every time again it is a challenge to seek the proper solution, in cooperation with the grower, whether it is about healthy and vibrant cultivation, legislation or safety."

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