Why is it necessary to perform a plant juice analysis?

Why is it necessary to perform a plant juice analysis?A plant juice analysis offers the possibility to check whether the fertilizer scheme used meets the needs of your crop. It provides insight into the actual intake of nutrients by the plant. Therefore, it’s recommended to perform a plant juice analysis every 2 to 4 weeks (depending on your crop). Royal Brinkman's crop care specialists can help you by providing expert advice, based on the results of the plant juice analysis.

Working method plant juice analysis 

An amount of leaf in your crop should be collected (in most cases, a number of 30 leaves forms a representative sample for the plant juice analysis), in which you select young and old leaves. This is sent to the laboratory in separate sample bags, so that a laboratory worker can perform the plant juice analysis. The data from this study, which in most cases will be sent to you by e-mail, provides an indication of the average amount of fertilizer taken in by the crop. The plant juice analysis will form the basis for the possible changes advised by our specialists to optimize the crops’ nutrition intake.

Health condition

The plant juice analysis also provides important information about the plant's state of health. An optimal and balanced intake of nutrients has a positive effect on the natural resistance of the plant to diseases, on the quality and on the firmness and shelf life of fruits and flowers. Thus, the plant juice analysis not only provides useful information for (re)calculating the nutrition plan, but also for example, for the plant protection strategy. 

Cost Savings

A plant juice analysis can also result in cost savings. Any adjustments to the feeding schedule not only ensures that your crop is optimized, but also that you do not waste any fertilizer. If the analysis points are out the majority of nutrients are not taken in by the plant, this can be managed. 

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