How to prevent single fertilizers from hardening

How to prevent single fertilizers from hardeningSingle fertilizers are produced in the form of crystals. Before the fertilizers are given to the plant, it’s crucial to dissolve the fertilizers first. Sometimes the dissolving process is more difficult, because the nutrients have become solid and clotted. This might ask for more elaborate stirring of the products in the water. The reason for the fertilizer nutrients coagulating, is their hydroscopic characteristic. This means the fertilizing nutrients attract and absorb water in any form and situation. How can you prevent your fertilizers from hardening? In this article, our specialist gives an explanation.

Cause of fertilizers coagulating

The coagulating of fertilizers is caused by the fact that most fertilizers are hygroscopic, meaning water is attracted. The higher the level of humidity in your storage, the higher the chance of hardening and coagulation. Besides the level of humidity, more factors could cause the coagulation of fertilizers. Factors such as temperature, air pressure, the level of humidity within the product, chemical reaction of the product and the duration of storage are often blamed. It is considered crucial for these factors to remain stable. 

Preventing hardening or coagulation of fertilizers

To prevent hardening and coagulation of fertilizers, a storage should be selected carefully along with a correct climate within this space. The duration of storage strongly must be taken into account while purchasing your fertilizers, since it has a large impact on the product’s consistency. In order to do so, make sure to draw up a nutrition scheme for your crop. 

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