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How do you choose the correct absorption enhancer?

Author: Jan-Paul de Wit| Latest update: 10-03-2020

Absorption enhancers ensure that crop protection agents are better absorbed into the plant. This can lead to a strong improvement in efficacy. They are often additives based on vegetable oil or plant oil esters. These additives give a visible emulsion when you add them to water. There are also absorption enhancers that are naturally soluble in water. But how do you choose the correct absorption enhancer for your crop? In this article, our specialist explains. 

Absorption enhancers based on vegetable oil (including esters)

In some crops, these oily substances can cause a crop reaction that can lead to plant damage. Usually this is caused by too high an uptake of a highly active substance for the crop. The oil itself can sometimes even cause a reaction on sensitive tissue. In order to prevent this, sometimes it is preferable to use another type of absorption enhancer,on sensitive crops; for instance, polyglycol. 

Without previous exposure

If you want to apply an oil based adjuvant for absorption enhancement to a crop, always try this first on a small trial patch of crop. Thus, a possible crop reaction will not have a major impact on production. Also, be well informed about the use of absorption enhancers. 

Absorption enhancers per crop

There are various absorption enhancers on the market. Which product will be best to use, depends on your crop. The table below shows the application and crop for which the product is suitable for each product. 

Absorption enhancers - oil based
Product Applications Crop
Growth regulators Ornamental crops (covered crops)
Herbicides Ornamental crops (covered crops)
Assist M36
Insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators Fruiting vegetables
Cut flowers
Annual summer flowers
Parkland plants
Pot plants
Herbicides Several systemic weed killers
Addit Insecticides Fruiting vegetables
Ornamental crops

Absorption enhancers based on polyglycerol
Product Applications Crop
Elasto G5 Insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators Pot plants
Parkland plants
Annual summer flowers
Fruiting vegetables

Herbicides Several systemic weed killers

Absorption enhancers in combination with crop protection substances

In the table below you can see examples of possible combinations in which absorption enhancers and chemical crop protection substances can be used.

Product Crop Crop protection product
Amelio Chrysanthemum Dazide Enhance
Assist M36 Cucumber Vectine Plus
Vertimec Gold
Plenum 50 WG

Chrysanthemum Vectine Plus
Vertimec Gold
Plenum 50 WG
BotaniGard vloeibaar

Bell peppers Vectine Plus
Vertimec Gold
Tracer 480 SC

Buxus Ortiva
Mirage Plus 570 sc

Pot plants Mogeton

Park Beds Pirouette
Dazide Enhance

Herbicides Mogeton
Addit Fruiting vegetables Mycotal

Ornamental crops Mycotal
Elasto G5 Fruiting vegetables Serenade SC
Floramite 240 SC

Pot plants Dazide Enhance
Frupica SC
Serenade SC

Annual summer flowers and bedding plants Dazide Enhance
Stabiel N CCC

Herbicides Roundup

Questions about absorption enhancers
Do you have questions about using absorption enhancers, or would you like individual advice? Please contact a product specialist, or ask your question via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible - on weekdays even within 24 hours.

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Jan-Paul de Wit is specialist in Integrated Pest Management. He helps and advices growers on how to improve their crops and how to fight diseases, viruses and pests. He advises on the best products to use so that they optimally match the objectives of the grower, as well as the crop, greenhouse and environment.