How do you reach a bacteria-free watering system?

Re-using drainage water can come with risks; pathogens can end up at new plants. By recirculating drainage water for strawberries the bacterium Xanthomonas poses a big risk. By dosing with Huwa-San TR-50 you can purify drainage water of bacteria fast and dependable during cultivation. The product is permitted for treatment of drip hoses, silos and other parts of the water system. 

Right dosing of Huwa-San to get a bacteria-free watering system

In order to get a bacteria-free watering system, the dosing of Huwa-San TR-50 should preferably be done with a pulse pump in the mixing tank or in the discharge pipe of the greenhouse (if there is no mixing tank). When using a daily supply, it is advised to dose the Huwa-San before the water enters the greenhouse. Choose a suitable pump that can withstand hydrogen peroxide and has a self-ventilating head in order to obtain a bacteria-free watering system.

Hydrogen peroxide formula

Huwa-San TR-50 is a unique stabilized hydrogen peroxide that stands out for its superior stability and efficient operation. Huwa-San TR-50 is of great use in obtaining a bacteria-free watering system. Huwa-San is the product for powerful cleaning of your drip hoses, silos and other parts of the water system. Thanks to it's unique stabilizer, Huwa-San retains it's power throughout the entire water system. Moreover, unlike other products, it doesn't contain any harmful substances and is odourless, colourless and non-corrosive at the correct dosage. Huwa-San has proven itself in removing biofilm and preventing blockages in the water system. We recommend peroxide test by using Huwa-San.

More information about bacteria-free watering system

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