How do you reach a bacteria-free watering system?

Re-using drainage water can come with risks; pathogens can end up by new plants. By recirculating drainage water for strawberries the bacterium Xanthomonas poses a big risk. By dosing with Clarmarin150 you can purify drainage water of bacteria fast and affordably during cultivation. The product is permitted for disinfecting of water in irrigation installations, spray installations and process water.


Dosing is preferably done using a flow-controlled dosing set. A pump adds the correct dose in with the tap, drainage or rain water. As a great advantage there is no need for rinsing afterwards; after use, Clarmarin150 disintegrates into natural substances water and oxygen. A WUR report confirms effective functioning of Clarmarin150.

Hydrogen peroxide formula

Clarmarin 150 consists of a formula based on stabilized hydrogen peroxide and natural additives which noticeably amplify, accelerate and prolong effectiveness. After use it decomposes into natural substances and therefore does not need to be rinsed afterwards. This makes the product extremely suitable for irrigation systems in greenhouses. Prevent the infection of your crops and decontaminate your water by treatment with Clarmarin150.

Jan-Willem Keijzer
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