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MENNO Florades, effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids

Menno Florades
Written by Dirk Timmers | Last update: 07-04-2021

Disinfection is an important topic for more and more crops. The decrease in curative products during the cultivation means that every opportunity should be taken to keep plant pathogens at bay. A clean start to cultivation plays a major role in this. Certification, food safety, environment and product liability also play a major role. MENNO Florades can be used in many ways by professional users and covers all aspects of responsible hygiene management. 

Effectiveness of MENNO Florades

For the application as plant protection product in various countries (PPP), a series of studies were carried out with plant pathogens to substantiate the killing of the mentioned bacteria, fungi and viruses with the required concentrate.
Research shows that MENNO Florades has a killing effect against most plant pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause problems in horticulture. And where necessary, new diseases are investigated.

Fungi in many cases consist of generative and vegetative spores. The latter are generally relatively easy to combat. MENNO Florades also combats the generative spores (resting spores) of fungi due to its long-lasting effect. These resting spores are often very persistent. 
MENNO Florades' strength as regards the effectiveness against plant viruses lies in the fact that it kills both viruses with and without a protein envelope, as the product gets to the core due to its long-lasting stability.

Disinfection should not be selection. The objective must be to effectively kill off all pathogens. Therefore, the longest possible contact time is recommended at all times. The longer the surface remains moist, the better the inactivation of pathogens occurs. Especially the killing of resting spores (generative phase of fungi) and viruses takes time. Because of their persistence, they can lead to a disease outbreak even after years.

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MENNO Florades properties

One of the most important properties of MENNO Florades is the stability of both the concentrate and the prepared solution. Unlike other disinfectants, benzoic acid remains stable, which allows for a longer duration of effect on the pathogen. This property has been proven in various tests to be very effective in combating, for example, persistent resting spores.

Does not react with materials
The second most important property is that the product does not react with materials, so no corrosion of metals, for instance. This is important for future hygiene, as rough surfaces are difficult to clean and disinfect. 
The product contains 90 g Benzoic acid/liter.

Advantages of Menno Florades®

  • Disinfectant focused on plant pathogens with required GBM approval;
  • Proven to kill bacteria, fungi (spores), viruses and viroids;
  • Long-term effectiveness of the active substance;
  • Can also be applied as a foam;
  • Extremely stable solution, even after preparation;
  • Easily measurable activity;
  • No corrosion/rust formation on treated materials;
  • Easy to use, neutral scent;
  • Environmentally friendly (FIBL registered and more);
  • A long shelf life.

Foam disinfection with Menno Florades 

  • Watch the video to see how MENNO Florades is applied.

Application of Menno Florades®

The effectiveness of a disinfectant depends on its stability and dosage in combination with its application time. This differs per pathogen, bacteria are relatively easy to kill, but viruses are often more difficult to deactivate. 

The concentration to be used for MENNO Florades is 2-4% depending on the above-mentioned variable and assuming a clean surface. The higher the concentration, and the cleaner the surface is treated, the shorter the application time. The application by means of foam also considerably improves the effectiveness of the product. The active substance is effective at pH 3-4.5.
MENNO Florades offers the possibility of applying it as a foam. This gives a good visual check of which parts are (un)treated, crawls over curves and into all the hard-to-reach corners. A better contact time is also achieved.

Disinfection step

Water is the carrier that ensures that the active substance gets to the desired places to reach harmful organisms. It is therefore recommended that disinfection always be carried out with a high volume spray technique. Below are the recommended amounts of solution for different applications: 

Empty greenhouses, warehouses : 2000-3000 liters per ha. 
Greenhouse stands, machines : 0.6 - 0.8 liters per m2 
Growing tables without irrigation mat : 0.2 liters per m2 
Growing tables with irrigation mat : 2 liters per m2 

Due to their relative plant friendliness and softness for materials, scissors can also be disinfected regularly during harvesting work without the development of corrosion.

Read our brochure for more information about MENNO Florades

More information about MENNO Florades

Do you have any questions about the use of MENNO Florades or would you like tailored advice? Then please contact hygiene specialist Dirk Timmers via the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible, on weekdays even within 24 hours. 

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