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Menno H for wet hands disinfection

Menno H
Written by Jasper Verhoeven | Last update: 04-12-2020

Many horticultural companies increasingly use a hygiene protocol for employees and visitors. An important part of that protocol is disinfecting the hands. An effective hand soap that you can use for this is Menno H. In this article we will tell you more about the advantages, the functioning and the application of Menno H.

What is Menno H?

Menno H is a disinfectant hand cleanser for horticulture which you use after the work that has been done, to easily remove organic plant juices from the skin. When the hygiene protocol is applied, the hands will be washed and disinfected regularly. This can dry out the skin. Menno H is cosmetically registered (CPNP) and is therefore safe to use frequently on the skin. It contains not only cleansing and disinfecting ingredients, but also skin care ingredients.

Effective against diseases and viruses

Menno H is used to disinfect the hands - before the work starts in the greenhouse - and thus reduce the risk of spreading diseases and viruses. It is part of the recommended hygiene measures that are important in greenhouse horticulture. Washing and disinfecting hands is preferably done immediately after entering the greenhouse, but also when re-entering the greenhouse or production areas after toilet visits, smoking, breaks and other interruptions.

Advantages of Menno H

Fast loosening of organic juices from the skin
Foams a little
Disinfecting hand soap
Cosmetic tested, skincare elements added.
FIBL registered

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Applying Menno H 

Because Menno H is usually purchased in 1 to 10 liter barrels, it is convenient to pour it into a hand pump. This makes the use a lot more efficient. To prevent the pump from falling over or being moved all the time, it is advisable to purchase a fixed holder that fits the pump. Before the disinfectant can be used, the hands should first be washed with water (and possibly soap). The dosage of Menno H is 3 ml, or one pump at a time. For best results it is advisable to rub the product thoroughly for 1 minute. Pay extra attention to the thumbs, under the nails and the wrist. Then rinse with lukewarm / water for 30 seconds. Afterwards, dry the hands preferably with disposable paper.


  • In the video on the right you can see how to disinfect the hands in a good way with Enno Rapid and Menno H.

More information about Menno H

Do you have questions about the use of the Menno H hand sanitizer or would you like tailor-made advice? Please contact disinfection specialist Jasper Verhoeven using the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible - on weekdays even within 24 hours.

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