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Menno Hortisept Clean against organic dirt

Written by Jasper Verhoeven | Last update: 07-04-2021

Organic pollution such as vegetable sap on both large and small areas: something many growers recognize. Unfortunately, removing these organic juices is not always so easy. Menno Hortisept Clean is a cleaning agent widely used in horticulture. 

What is Menno Hortisept Clean? 

Menno Hortisept Clean is a water-soluble alkaline-based cleaner. Alkaline cleaners loosen stubborn dirt, after which you can easily rinse it off with a hard jet of (warm) water. Because Menno Hortisept Clean leaves no residue, also known as a chemical reaction, the surface does not need any aftercare after timely rinsing. The agent can be applied as a foam, but is also available without foaming agent for application in crates and tray washers.

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Removing vegetable saps from harvest trolleys in a jiffy

As Menno Hortisept Clean was developed specifically for the horticultural sector, cleaning vegetable saps on harvest trolleys, scissor trolleys, etc. is a simple task. This benefits company hygiene, as it is easier to disinfect a clean surface. The added value of this product lies in the labor saving of the arduous manual cleaning of materials and machines when they contain persistent dirt. Also, when scraping off dirt manually, there is a chance that the surface roughens, making cleaning and disinfection even more difficult in the future.


Advantages of Menno Hortisept Clean

- Loosens the most stubborn dirt
- Leaves no residue - chemical reaction
- Easy to remove with a hard jet of warm water
- Water soluble
- Liquid substance
- Available in both foaming and non-foaming versions

Applying Menno Hortisept Clean

1. Always read the label first. Stick to the dosage of 1 – 3%, depending on the degree of soiling.
2. Mix the recommended dosage while stirring with preferably warm water with a temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius. 
3. Apply the product evenly to the surface to be cleaned and allow it to soak in for five to ten minutes. You want to prevent the product from drying out and reattaching loosened dirt. 
4. Then rinse the surface with warm water to remove the loosened dirt. Pay attention to where you do this; in case of possible virus sap, you don't want to spread it in the walking/driving route. Avoid direct contact with plants at all times to avoid damage to the crop. 

Read the label on the package for all instructions and measures.

More information about Menno Hortisept Clean

Do you have any questions about using Menno Hortisept Clean or would you like tailored advice? Then please contact disinfection specialist Jasper Verhoeven via the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible - on weekdays even within 24 hours. 

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