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How to ensure an optimal functioning of natural enemies?

Natural enemies
Written by Kevin van Kester | Last update: 18-6-2021

More and more growers are using natural enemies to control harmful insects in their crops. But how to ensure an optimal effect of natural enemies in the crop? In this article, our specialist gives tips.

Good material

The initial secret is good material. By using products from an acknowledged producer or distributor, you are assured of having quality products that will be delivered in time. Royal Brinkman supplies the natural enemies of Agrobío. This is one of the largest producers of biological agents worldwide. Delivery times and transport schedules from Spain to the Netherlands are well matched, due to which – also in the event of express orders – fresh material can be delivered in time. 

Quality check and practical research

The second secret is quality check and practical research. Natural enemies are living organisms which makes them very vulnerable products. Therefore, checks on quality after transport and checks on effectivity in practice are extremely important. Our quality team is involved with this every day. As such, we are able to guarantee the quality of the delivered product and advise growers concerning their application strategy. This is highly important for successful suppression.

Optimal distribution

The third secret is an optimal distribution of the natural enemies in the crop. The more uniformly the bugs are released in the crop, the better the results will be. Additionally, concerning the release of the product it is very important that this is done the right way, to retain the maximum number of natural enemies and to ensure that the can do their job in healthy condition. This can be done manually, but the best results are achieved with:
  • The Bio divider in the chrysanthemum cultivation
  • The Monorail in combination with the Bio divider in pot plant cultivation (due to the presence of an electrically driven wheel set, this is mainly convenient for horticulturists who do not have a spray boom).
  • The Bio slider in cucumber cultivation

The rotating disc in the Bio divider for the chrysanthemums and pot plants ensures that the natural enemies are evenly distributed and softly land onto the crop. The Bio slider in the cucumber cultivation on the contrary, makes use of sprinklers to spread the natural enemies into the head of the cucumber plant.

In this case, the combination of the Agrobío material in combination with the Bio divider, Monorail or Bio slider provides the best result by far, because the device was developed for this material.

Questions about natural enemies

Do you have any questions about the usage of natural enemies, or would you like customized advice? Then contact one of our crop protection specialists, or ask your question using the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible, even within 24 hours on working days.

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Kevin KesterAbout Kevin van Kester

Kevin van Kester, specialist in the area of quality management of biological pesticides, has been working with Royal Brinkman since 2013. On the basis of IOBC-guidelines, he structurally monitors the quality of organic products of various producers throughout Europe. "My motivation consists of contributing to higher efficiency of the biological pest control, as such, due to which fewer chemical treatments are required."

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