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Which pests are there in the horticultural sector?

Pests are a major threat to crops, because they can cause a lot of damage. Therefore it is important that you are able to detect a pest in the crop on time. Click through and read more about the different greenhouse pests, the damage they can contain and the possible ways to combat them. 

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  • Aphids

    Aphids are insects which causes big problems in horticulture. This insect appears all year and causes infestation on the growth of young shoots in a crop, but it can also spread viruses. Combating aphids is of great importance to prevent damage, but how ?

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  • Strawberry blossom weevil?

    The strawberry blossom weevil is an insect that feeds on leaves and pollen. It is particularly common in strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. In the spring, the strawberry blossom weevil lays its eggs in the flower buds of the strawberry plant.

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  • Shore fly

    The shore fly Scatella stagnalis is an insect that mainly causes cosmetic damage to a crop, because it defecates on the leaves of a crop. The excrement of the shore fly causes black spots on the foliage. A shore fly feeds with rotting plant material and algae; so the fly does not cause any ‘biting’ damage to the crop.

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  • Spider mite

    Spider mites are mites which occur in many crops. The most common type in greenhouse crops is the Tetranychus urticae. The spider mites replicate quickly and in large numbers. This means that this pest can cause an enormous amount of damage to a crop in a short period of time

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  • Strawberry mite

    The strawberry mite (Phytonemus pallidus) is a small mite that is found mainly in strawberry crops. In this article, our specialists will provide their advice and tips for fighting strawberry mites. But how do you combat them?

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  • Thrips

    Thrips are small insecst which causes big problems in several crops. There are many different types. The most common and harmful in horticulture are the western flower thrips and onion thrips (Thrips tabaci), but also the rose thrips and Echinothrips americanus appear in greenhouses.

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  • Californian thrips

    Californian thrips, also known as Frankliniella occidentalis, are one of the most harmful insects in horticulture. They are particularly common in chrysanthemum, paprika, eggplant and cucumber crops.

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  • Heteroptera bugs

    There are many different types of heteroptera bugs, both harmful and useful species. Harmful heteroptera bugs occur in ornamental cultivation and vegetable- and small fruit crops and cause unwanted problems such as growth distortions, uneven maturation of fruits and loss of flowers.

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  • Whitefly

    Whitefly is a common pest in horticulture, in vegetables as well as in floriculture. The insect damages plants by absorbing plant sap. This weakens the plant, which leads to reduced growth, deformation, leaves getting yellow and/or leaf loss.

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