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A sturdy and compact crop with Pirouette  

Written by Luc Kurris | Last update: 23-12-2020

For some crops - especially ornamental plants - it is important that plants remain compact. The growth regulator Pirouette is a suitable tool for this. If you want a more compact plant with smaller internodes, Pirouette is the suitable tool. This growth regulator has been developed for beds, pots and perennials (floriculture under glass). In this article we will tell you more about the functioning, application and advantages of Pirouette.  

What is Pirouette?

Pirouette is an effective growth regulator with shortened growth, smaller internodes and a more compact plant as a result. These changes give the plant in specific crops a higher sales value. It is approved in many different ornamental plants in greenhouse horticulture. Because it is supplied in liquid form, it is easy to use and dose.  

Functioning of Pirouette 

Pirouette is based on the active ingredient paclobutrazol, which inhibits the plant's natural growth hormone. Pirouette reduces cell elongation by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis. Because Pirouette gives less cell elongation, this results in shorter, firmer stems, a dark leaf color and therefore more attractive plants.

Advantages Pirouette 

Strong growth regulation 
Easy to use and dose 
Worldwide proven results 
Increases sales value
Promotion of branching and shoots 

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Applying Pirouette 

Pirouette is applied through a leaf treatment and absorbed through the stems, leaves and roots of the plant. Subsequently, the agent moves and inhibits the growth points. For the use of Pirouette it is good to know that the product may only be sprayed on a dry crop with closed leaves (closed nerve).  

Dosage of Pirouette 

The dosage of Pirouette depends on cultivation, cultivar and growing conditions and is therefore difficult to give. There is a lot of experience with this product in many crops. Cultivators or our Crop Protection Product Specialists can support you with this. However, Pirouette has a favorable label with sufficient applications per year.

More information about Pirouette

Do you have any questions about the application of Pirouette or would you like tailor-made advice? Then please contact crop protection specialist Luc Kurris using the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible, on weekdays even within 24 hours.

Luc KurrisAbout Luc Kurris

With more than 30 years of experience, Luc Kurris, operational product manager at Royal Brinkman, brings in a significant amount of knowledge regarding integrated pest management. He supports the product specialists who advise the growers. "I think, the great thing about my work is that I can use my background and experience to guide and support my colleagues, to enable them to get the best result, together with the grower."

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