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Controlling whitefly with Proxyral EC

Written by Jan-Paul de Wit | Last update: 11-02-2021

Proxyral EC is an insecticide against whitefly. The agent is an addition to the control of this pest. Proxyral is a Royal Brinkman private label, developed to offer some choice within the limited range of chemical agents. In this article we will tell you more about the benefits, effect and application of Proxyral EC.

What is Proxyral EC?

Proxyral EC is a pesticide (insecticide) against eggs and larvae and is therefore especially effective against the early life stages of whitefly. It is based on the active substance pyriproxyfen. This substance ensures that the eggs no longer hatch and shrivel. The pupae also no longer hatch, so that the pest cannot develop further. The product is safe for natural enemies and is allowed in various covered crops.


  • Watch the video on the right to see the application of Proxyral EC.

Advantages of Proxyral EC

✔ Safe for natural enemies
✔ Very effective against egg to pupa stages

How Proxyral EC works

Proxyral EC, as indicated above, is active only against the egg to pupa stages. To eradicate the entire pest, it is therefore advisable to use Proxyral EC in combination with a pesticide against the adult stages of the pest. This way the entire pest is handled and you achieve the best result.

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Application Proxyral EC

To achieve a good result, spray the product on the underside of the leaf where the larvae are. The number of permitted sprays per crop and the exact instructions for use can be found on the label.

Dosage Proxyral EC

Because the dosage differs per crop, we recommend that you always read the label on which you can find the exact dosage per crop.

More information about Proxyral

Do you have questions about the use of Proxyral or do you want tailor-made advice? Please contact crop protection specialist Jan-Paul de Wit using the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible, even within 24 hours on working days.

Jan-PaulAbout Jan-Paul de Wit

Jan-Paul de Wit is specialist in Integrated Pest Management. He helps and advices growers on how to improve their crops and how to fight diseases, viruses and pests. He advises on the best products to use so that they optimally match the objectives of the grower, as well as the crop, greenhouse and environment.

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