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How do you check the quality of biological products?

The quality of biology is important for effective control of diseases and pests, or in the case of bumblebees, for effective pollination. This quality is already checked by a team of quality controllers before shipment, but you can choose to check the quality yourself on receipt of biological products. This leads to the question: "How do you check the quality of biological products?”

How do you check the quality of biological products?

To check biological quality, you can make use of quality control protocols. These protocols define the criteria to be checked and include instructions for the correct application or use. Because the quality of different species of natural enemies and bumblebees depends on other aspects, each organism has its own quality control protocol. Find out more about the different protocols here. 


galmug Aphidoletes aphidimyza

bestuiving met hommels


 Protocols for gall midges      

 Protocols for bumblebees


If you notice any abnormalities, please make sure that you always report these within 24 hours so that an adequate response can be provided. Complaints can be lodged with the Biology Department, either by e-mail or by phoning 0174 - 446 293.


To maintain an optimum level of quality of biological products after delivery, you can choose to use a biocel. This allows you to create optimal conditions for your products.

Questions about quality control

Do you have questions about biological quality? Please contact our quality control specialist Kevin van Kester by using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible – on working days even within 24 hours.

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Kevin KesterAbout Kevin van Kester

Kevin van Kester, specialist in the area of quality management of biological pesticides, has been working with Royal Brinkman since 2013. On the basis of IOBC-guidelines, he structurally monitors the quality of organic products of various producers throughout Europe. "My motivation consists of contributing to higher efficiency of the biological pest control, as such, due to which fewer chemical treatments are required."

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