What are the side-effects of chemical crop protection products?

What are the side-effects of chemical crop protection products?Growers are increasingly using natural enemies to control pests in their crops. This responds to the ever-increasing consumer demand for organically grown products and reduces the risk of resistance to certain crop protection products. However, sometimes the use of a chemical crop protection product is necessary for correction. Many growers therefore opt for integrated pest management, which combines biological and chemical crop protection. But not every chemical crop protection product can be combined with every natural enemy, because these products can have side-effects on biology.

Non-selective and selective products

There are many different types of chemical crop protection products. Some of these are non-selective all-in killers; other products work selectively. The non-selective products do not only kill the pest, but also kill the natural enemies in the crop. Selective products, on the other hand, only kill the pest and are not harmful to the natural enemies in the crop. If, despite the use of biology, you still need to use chemical crop protection, then take the following points into account:
  • Selective pesticides have little or no negative effect on natural pest control and bumblebees. If possible, opt for a selective pesticide. 
  • If the use of selective pesticides is not possible, apply the product selective (e.g. pouring or dripping) and use a crop protection product with a short aftereffect. Our crop protection specialists can advise you on this. 
  • Unlike natural enemies, bumblebees can be temporarily taken out of the crop when chemical crop protection is used. Place the bumblebee boxes in a room of 18 - 20 degrees Celsius for a maximum of 2 - 3 days (a longer period will cause a pollen shortage, which will have a negative effect on the bumblebee colony).
  • Before using chemical crop protection, also consider how long a product will be harmful to the biology in the crop. Many products can have negative effects on natural enemies and/or bumblebees for a (long) period after application. The period during which a product is harmful is indicated on the label. If there is no information on the label, the after-effects are unknown.

Insight into the side-effects of chemical plant protection products

It is important that you have insight into the side-effects of a chemical crop protection product before applying it to your crop. But how do you know what kind of product you are dealing with and what the possible side-effects of this product are? This information can be found on the label of the product, but you can also easily find this information via the Agrobío Effects app. With the app you can search by active ingredient, trade name, crop or product type, after which you will see the side-effects of the product.

Questions about side-effects of chemical crop protection products
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