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How to use a Sulphur burner?

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Written by Piet-Jan de Zeeuw | Last update: 23-11-2022

Sulphur burner is used to spread sulphur in a greenhouse in order to protect the crop against Powdery Mildew. The combination of a good distribution and the right amount of sulfur (evaporators) is important. In this article our specialist explains how to use a sulphur burner


There are different types of sulphur. In sulphur evaporators we often use Sulpher tablets (we only have them available in the Netherlands) and Sulpher Granular. The Sulphur content in these products is ≥ 99,5%

Use of a Sulphur burner

The sulphur burner uses heating in combination with airflow to spread the sulphur through the greenhouse. The Sulfur burner includes a 100W heating element, an aluminium tray for adding the sulphur, a dripping tray and a roof. By filling the Sulphur in the tray, the sulphur is heated with the heating element. Until the evaporation temperature is reached, a maximum amount of sulphur can be evaporated. Powerful air currents create chimney effect that distributes Sulfur evenly throughout the greenhouse. The roof of the burners protects the greenhouse glass or shading screen against pollution. 

Sulfur works by contact, so an even distribution is very important. This means it works when the Sulphur comes into contact with the leaves. Therefore, the better the spread, the more leaves will be covered and the better protection will be against powdery mildew..

The required amount of Sulphur Burners

The amount of Sulphur evaporators you need in a greenhouse and the amount Sulphur that needs to evaporate every week to control for powdery mildew depends on the crop and the disease pressure. The amount of hours you have to Sulphur the crop, depends on the pressure of mildew in the greenhouse. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the number Sulphur burners you should use. 

Safety measures for burning sulphur 

Sulfur can cause skin irritation and eye irritation. Therefore, it is important to take some safety precautions when filling and using a sulfur evaporator:
  • Always read the product's user manual and/or safety data sheet carefully in advance.
  • Always wear appropriate gloves, eye protection and protection clothing. The MSDS of the product states which personal protective equipment you should wear. 
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke while working with sulfur. 
  • When you are finished, take off your clothes and wash them before wearing them again.
  • Wash thoroughly after working with Sulphur to remove any Sulphur from the skin.
  • Sulfur evaporators may only be used when there are no persons present in the greenhouse.  
  • There are only two ways to re-enter the greenhouse; 
    1. After ventilating the greenhouse for at least 1 hour. 
    2. At least four hours from after completing the application. 
For this you can use a warning sign

Sulphur evaporator cleaning

Under normal circumstances, Just fill the Sulphur evaporator and no cleaning is required. If you still want to do this, clean the container thoroughly with a sponge and possibly a mild detergent or washing-up liquid. Do not scratch or dent the bottom. Damaged or fouled soil impairs heat transfer, reduces the quantitative and qualitative distribution of Sulphur, and ultimately produces less than desirable results.

Sulfur burner needs

Questions about sulphur evaporators

Do you have any questions about the use of a sulphur evaporator, or would you like tailor-made advice? Please contact product specialist Piet-Jan de Zeeuw using the contact form below. We will contact you as soon as possible - on workdays even within 24 hours.

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