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Tips for the usage of natural enemies

Tips for the usage of natural enemies
Written by: Kevin van Kester | Last update: 03-10-2018

Tips for usage of natural enemies. Biological crop protection focuses on the controlling of pests in a crop by using natural enemies. The usage of biological crop protection has a number of advantages compared with the usage of chemical crop protection agents:

  • Natural enemies do not harm or damage the environment, since there is no residue of pesticides.
  • The organism to be fought cannot become resistant to the natural enemies used.
  • The parasites feed themselves and multiply, as a result of which the population is self-sustaining.

Tips for the usage of natural enemies

Regarding biological crop protection you are dealing with a living product. Its use is different from that with the application of chemical pesticides. That is the reason why we give a number of tips:
  • Always use material from an acknowledged producer or distributor that guarantees the quality, but before use, always check the quality of the material yourself. At Royal Brinkman we have convenient quality control protocols available. If you detect any deviations, always report the complaint within 24 hours, so that adequate measures can be taken.
  • Always read the instructions and carefully follow the operational requirements. Also, our product specialists can advise you about the best application, from their own experience, in order to achieve the best result.
  • Try to apply the biological material as soon as possible (within 18 hours) to achieve the highest efficiency. Storage always adversely affects the quality.
  • If storage is required, then pay attention to the proper storage temperature and expiry date (if available). This will be stated on the packaging.
  • Save costs on biological agents by timely usage. The sooner you use biological agents after detecting a pest, the less material you will need.
  • Improve the functioning of natural enemies by creating conditions in the crop that they can thrive in. Our product specialists can advise you about this.
  • Take into account that during harvesting, pruning, leaf cutting and leaf picking also natural enemies will be removed (unintentionally). Our product specialists can advise you about the release of new parasites after completion of these activities.

More information about natural enemies

Do you have any questions about the usage of natural enemies, or would you like customized advice? Then contact one of our crop protection specialists, or ask your question using the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible, even within 24 hours on working days.Contact form

Kevin KesterAbout Kevin van Kester

Kevin van Kester, specialist in the area of quality management of biological pesticides, has been working with Royal Brinkman since 2013. On the basis of IOBC-guidelines, he structurally monitors the quality of organic products of various producers throughout Europe. "My motivation consists of contributing to higher efficiency of the biological pest control, as such, due to which fewer chemical treatments are required."

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