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Biological control with UniMite bio-distribution systems 

UniMite bioverdeelsystemen
Written by Michael Visser | Last update 21-02-2021

UniMite bio-distribution systems provides an even distribution of predatory mites and feeding mites in the crop. This makes biological control even more effective and efficient. Because every crop has different needs and characteristics, there are, so far, five different UniMite bio-distribution systems in the assortment.

Why different UniMite bio distribution systems?unimite logo

Both the type of biological control and the scattering of biological material are crop-specific. Rose growers, for example, like to spread side post-wide and cucumber growers have a fast-growing high-wire cultivation, which means that biological material in bags is partly lost with leaf picking. But the dimensionsand heights of crops and the greenhouse also influence the wishes for the development of a bio-distribution system.

To present the biology for the grower in a simple manner and with the best possible distribution across the crop, Royal Brinkman has developed five different bio-distribution systems.

Five different UniMite bio distribution systems

There are five UniMite bio-distribution systems, divided into bio-scatter and bio-blower systems. We explain per system what it is, how it works and for which crop it is suitable.

Schematic representation of the differences in UniMite bio-distribution systems
UniMite Disc UniMite Slider UniMite Air UniMite
Compact Air
Soft Fruit
System type Scatter

Scatter Blow Blow BlowBlow
Working width (m) 160 cm

Directly in head
of the plant
10 m 8 m 4 mMax 10
Number of spreading bunkers 1

2 2 2 11
Security systems Crop sprayer/

Pipe rail trolley Crop sprayer/
Crop sprayer/ 

  • 1. UniMite Disc

    The UniMite Disc is a bio-spreading system that you hang from a crop sprayer or monorail. The spreader has a feeder belt in the storage bunker, which distributes material evenly and uniformly. The transparent walls clearly show how much stock material is present in the storage bunker.
    Depending on the side post width, four to eight spreaders hang under the crop sprayer.

    Can be used in: chrysanthemum cultivation. The UniMite Disc is widely used in chrysanthemum cultivation where predatory mites are quickly and efficiently released on large areas. With the aim: biological thrips control. This bio-scattering system is now also used in other crops, such as amaryllis, cactus and rose.

  • 2. UniMite Air

    The UniMite Air is a biobased system and, like the UniMite Disc, has a transparent storage bunker. This bio-blower has two spreading bunkers, one on each side. Each spreading bunker blows predatory mites over a width of five meters, so that the UniMite Air scatters up to ten meters wide. The biofilter distributes very evenly through the feed conveyor in the storage bunker. The UniMite Air can be executed on a pipe rail system or a monorail system.

    Can be used on: a large number of crops. The UniMite Air has been developed on the basis of the desire to scatter side post-wide and uniform predatory mites. You can use the UniMite Air in many crops such as rose, chrysanthemum, amaryllis, orchids.

  • 3. UniMite Compact Air

    The UniMite Compact Air is a smaller and narrower version of the UniMite Air. This version has been especially developed for nurseries where the UniMite Air cannot be used due to its dimensions. The UniMite Compact Air has a working width of up to 8 meters and can also be used in relatively small and low nurseries with ease due to its compact dimensions. This bio-blower has one centrifugal fan with a double sprinkling outlet. The two rotating bunkers keep the material moving, which leads to a constant dosing. Can be used on: a large number of crops such as chrysanthemum, amaryllis, orchid, pot plants and rose cultivation.

  • 4. UniMite Manual

    The UniMite Manual is a handy, portable bio-blower with a range of four meters. This UniMite Manual is mainly included in the range for a quick manual application, a local correction or when your greenhouse horticulture company is not suitable for an automated system for the dispersion of predatory mites and feed mites. With the UniMite Manual, the user remains responsible for the even distribution. This handheld blower UniMite Manual comes with two batteries and a quick charger. Can be used on: a large number of crops such as rose, chrysanthemum, orchid, pot plants and amaryllis.

  • 5. UniMite Slider

    The UniMite Slider is a bio spreading system that is mounted on a pipe rail trolley. This system has two storage bunkers with transparent spreader pipes and thus treats two rows of plants in one pass. One employee operates the UniMite Slider, which directs the spreader pipes above the crop, so that the biological material ends up exactly in the middle of the top of the plants. Can be used in: cucumber cultivation. In fast-growing high-wire cultivation, biological material in bags is partly lost with leaf picking, because then they quickly end up on the ground. With the UniMite Slider, the biological material ends up in the middle of the head of the plant against whitefly, thrips and spider mites.
  • 6. UniMite Soft Fruit

    The UniMite Soft Fruit has been specially developed for the introduction of biological pest control for soft fruit cultivation. Previously, the pesticide material was applied by hand, by several people, while walking in the tunnels. By using the machine you get a much more even distribution of your material in the crop, a very large labor savings and ultimately better results of your deployment.

    Deployable in: In soft fruit cultivation, crops are often grown in rows and under foil tunnels. Because we customize the machine, the Unimite Soft Fruit can be used in 4, 5 or 6 rows of tunnels. This makes the Unimite Soft Fruit multifunctional. 

Custom-made bio-distribution systems

Although the UniMite distribution systems are suitable for a wide variety of greenhouses and crops, it may sometimes be necessary to develop a custom system. This depends on the crop height, planting distance and greenhouse height within your cultivation company. In that case, you can always contact our specialist to discuss the options. 

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Questions about (UniMite) bio-distribution systems?

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