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What are the benefits of gutter film?

Gutter film
Written by Martin Meuldijk | Last update: 06-04-2021

During cultivation, gutters get dirty because of soil, algae, plant residues and vegetable saps. Not only does this cause gutters to become clogged or damaged, but it also means that the gutters have to be cleaned with every crop rotation. All in all, this takes a lot of time. Would you like to use the growing gutters longer and not have to clean them every time you rotate crops? Then choose to put in gutter film. This article will tell you more about gutter film and its benefits.  

What is gutter film?

Gutter film is a specially developed film for growing gutters. By pulling the film over the gutters with the help of an unrolling device, the growing gutters are protected against undesired root growth and damage to the coating by crop protection agents. Good to know is that gutter film lasts one year on average. After that year, it is wise to replace the film for best results. 

The advantages

Reduces the risk of diseases
The biggest advantage of gutter film is that it reduces the risk of diseases. Bacteria, fungi and viruses have difficulty adhering to smooth surfaces. 

Prevents unwanted root growth
It also ensures that roots do not continue to grow outside the substrate mats. Because the film prevents root growth, the chance of root diseases and the transmission of viruses is reduced.

Extends the life of growing gutters
You can actually regard gutter film as a good protective layer. Not only are diseases kept out, but there is also much less chance of fertilizers or crop protection agents damaging the coating of the gutters. The use of gutter film therefore indirectly ensures that the gutters last longer. 

Saves time and labor
Once the gutter film is in place, you will save a lot of time and labor during the crop rotation. Because the foil keeps the gutters approximately 95% clean, the cleaning process is many times shorter and that saves you time and labor. The only thing left to do is to clean the drain gutters.


Applying gutter film 

Applying of gutter film is easily done with the help of a reel. In the how-to video below, we show you how to apply gutter film.

What should you pay attention to when applying gutter film?

Before you start working with gutter film, it is important that the growing gutters have been cleaned with a cleaning agent. This way you start clean and you will enjoy the effect of the film for a long time. Finally, it is important that the gutters are completely dry before the liner is applied. 

Questions about the application of gutter film

Do you have questions about the start of the new crop after the crop rotation, or would you like advice tailored to your situation? Then please contact one of our product specialists or ask your question via the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible - on weekdays even within 24 hours.

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