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How do you choose the right CO2 hose?

How do you choose the right CO2 hose?The concentration of CO2 in a greenhouse is important for the development and growth of a crop. A higher concentration of CO2 ensures better growth. That is why CO2 hoses are used in horticulture. By using these hoses CO2 can be distributed evenly throughout the crop. In this article our specialist explains how to choose the right CO2 hose.  

Select CO2 hose

There are 3 types of CO2 hoses: 
  • CO2 hose 65mm
  • CO2 hose 94mm
  • CO2 hose 120mm
The choice of a certain type of CO2 hose depends on your climate. The growing climate determines the amount of CO2 required in the crop and therefore the diameter and the puncture distance of the CO2 hose. Always ask for some proper advice from a specialist, when choosing a CO2 hose.  In this way you can be sure that the right amount of CO2 is dosed in the crop. Too low concentration causes the crop to grow less well.


Furthermore, it is important to measure the required amount in the right way:
  • When measuring the required amount of CO2 hose, you should take into account a measurement loss of 5%. Because you attach the hose at the beginning and at the end, also because the hose is never completely straight, you always need 5% extra hose. For example, if a path is 100 meters long, you do not order a 100-meter hose, but 105 meters of hose.
  • Frequently one asks about the diameter of the hose. However, a CO2 hose is always measured flat.

Measuring CO2 hoses

Suspend CO2 hoses

Suspending CO2 hoses can be done in two ways: between the crop or under the gutter. This, in turn, depends on the growing climate. Ask for some proper advice from a specialist.


As mentioned early, the CO2 hose is attached to a CO2 distributor at the beginning and at the end. For this you can use adaptors to connect the tubes to the distributor. After that, slide the CO2 hose over the tapered side of the pipe. With the ring you fasten the hose.

CO2 hoses uncoiler

To unroll the CO2 hose as quickly as possible during the crop rotation period, you can use a CO2 hoses uncoiler. CO2 hoses are quite vulnerable, by unwinding the CO2 manually, damage to the hoses often occurs. With an uncoiler you can limit the unwinding damage. 
The uncoiler is suitable for the 65 mm and 95 mm hose, but with an attachment you can easily make the device suitable for the 120 mm hose. 

Product specialist Syliva van der CaaijQuestions about ordering a CO2 hose

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