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Knowledge Center Mechanical Equipment

The Royal Brinkman Knowledge Center is divided into seven themes. Under theme Mechanical equipment you find information about machinery and transport equipment, but you also find practical tips and advice for maintenance of your mechanical equipment.

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  • Tips for labour savings in horticulture

    Labour is becoming increasingly scarce in the horticultural sector. Growers are therefore forced to invest in mechanisation in order to make up for the lack of labour. The investment costs of automation are often higher, but in the long term this is more advantageous.

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  • Tips for the maintenance of a Pulsfog

    The Pulsfog is suitable for simple and quick treatment of spaces and is very effective for combatting insects. The different types are all provided with a powerful jet engine, which is generally fault-free. For best results with the Pulsfog, good maintenance of the machine is very important.

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  • How to make an inspection schedule

    Regularly inspecting your machines is of great importance for a business that runs as smoothly as possible and also guarantees work safety. Determining possible defects will enable you to act fast, which can prevent (long) down time. Therefore, it is important to make an inspections schedule.

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  • Maintenance videos

    Maintenance of mechanical equipment is essential to avoid failures, but also to ensure a safe working environment. On this page you find a list of categories of videos that explain how to perform maintenance on different kinds of mechanical equipment for horticulture.

  • How to clean a hygiene station

    A hygiene stations ensures that the hands – and in many cases the feet- of people entering the greenhouse are cleaned and / or disinfected. For an optimum hygiene, it is important to clean the hygienic gateway itself regular. Our specialists provide information.

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  • How do you choose a high pressure cleaner?

    Many greenhouses use high pressure cleaners for cleaning floors, glass, gutters, machines and more. A high pressure cleaner makes it convenient to clean persistent dirt fast. here are different types of high pressure hoses with different advantages and features.

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  • What to do during a Robocar malfunction?

    You can prevent your Robocar from getting a breakdown, or other problems when following the following measurements. In addition, it may help to formulate a clear malfunction if a mechanic needs to be activated.

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  • How to maintain and repair a Robocar

    The Robocar is a robust electric tractor and therefore requires little regular maintenance. However, we do recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule below to avoid problems. It also ensures that employees can work safely with the Robocar.

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  • How do you make the battery of a pipe rail trolley winter-ready?

    The battery of a pipe rail trolley must be properly prepared before going into winter storage. This will benefit the lifespan of the battery. In short: how do you make the battery of a pipe rail trolley winter-ready? We list the different steps.

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  • How to maintain a battery

    If you do not maintain a battery properly, the battery may acidify or dry out, or there may be an acid deposit in the battery. By carrying out maintenance, you prevent malfunctions and extend the life of the battery.

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  • How does a Dosatron work?

    Crop protection products and fertilizers are given to a crop via the irrigation. It is important to administer these products in the right quantity and concentrate. By using a Dosatron dosing pump, the correct amount can be administered to the watering system.

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  • How to set up a Dosatron

    When using a Dosatron for the first time, it is important to take a few steps regarding, for example, setting the dosage. In this way, the dosing pump works best. In this article, our specialist explains how to set up a Dosatron.

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  • How to maintain a Dosatron

    Regular maintenance is of great importance for the operation of a Dosatron. This extends the life of the dosing pump. Dried dirt and crystallised concentrate can have a negative effect on the operation of a dosing pump.

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  • How to solve a malfunction of a Dosatron

    It is possible that a Dosatron has a fault, or that other problems occur. In that case it is important that you act as quickly as possible and solve the problem, so that as little water as possible is lost.

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  • Buying wheels | What should you pay attention to?

    Wheels affect various factors such as bearing capacity, shock resistance and noise level. That is why it is important to choose the right type of wheels.

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  • Minor maintenance on the Empas spray trolley

    The Empas spray trolley is a well-known machine in the horticultural sector. The machine can be used to treat a large greenhouse surface quickly and easily. To increase the lifespan of the Empas spray trolley, proper maintenance is essential.

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  • Tips for minor maintenance of the Meto spraying robot

    The Meto spraying robot is used in horticulture to carry out spraying activities in the greenhouse semi-automatically or fully automatically. Meto spraying robots work many hours in the greenhouse and the proper maintenance of the robot will influence the lifespan.

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  • Which wire mesh is suited for my crop?

    Wire mesh is normally stretched between the standard support materials: pillars with a ring at the bottom that are pushed into the ground in the greenhouse. We have a large assortment of wire mesh and supporting materials to support your crops.

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  • Why is ventilation important?

    If the temperature in a greenhouse is not constant everywhere, there will be a difference in crop growth. To ensure air movement in the greenhouse ventilation towers are important for good greenhouse climate. This is one of the products that contribute to improved greenhouse climate.

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  • How to calibrate a pH meter

    The fluids in the electrode of a pH meter age the longer the meter is being used. This causes measuring error in the instrument. You can determine this measuring error by calibrating your pH meter. Our specialists provide you tips how to calibrate your pH meter.

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  • How to maintain the probe of a pH meter

    By maintaining your pH meter well you will extend its lifespan and ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible. The probe’s maintenance is of special importance, because this part does the actual measuring. The probe is a very fragile part which needs to be handled with care.

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  • How to calibrate an EC-meter

    With the EC-meter you are able to measure the concentration of the total amount of dissolvable salt in a liquid. After using the EC-meter for a longer period it is possible that because of filth and wearing of the electrodes a wrong measuring will occure. That’s why it’s important to regularly calibrate your EC-meter.

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  • How does a manometer work?

    A manometer is a measuring instrument that measures the pressure of a liquid or gas in an enclosed space, for example in a boiler.

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  • How to use an EC-meter?

    EC means electrical conductivity. This is a measure for measuring the sodium concentration of a solution. Electrical conductivity in a substance occurs when it contains sodium.

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  • How to attach the high wire

    The high wire is attached horizontal through the greenhouse, on which high wire hooks are attached to. If something goes wrong during this process, it can lead to negative effects like the breaking of the wire, which causes damage to the crop.

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  • How to choose the right wire lowerer

    It is important that the high wires are connected in the right way and that they get enough support, so they won’t slack or break. With wire lowerers you create a suspension point for the crop wire.

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  • How to secure a sticky trap holder

    Sticky tape is often used for identifying and fighting pests in crop. But putting it in the right place seems to be a hard task for a lot of people. The sticky trap holders ease this process. They enable you to move the sticky tape along with the growing crop.

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  • Which types of spay nozzles are available?

    There are different types of spray nozzles available for different use. It’s important to choose the right nozzle to get the best result because spray nozzels determine the volume, drop size and spray pattern.Our specialist gives you information about Split top nozzle, Swirl nozzle and Floodjet nozzle.

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  • What should you pay attention to when choosing a nozzle?

    A nozzle converts a jet of liquid into droplets so that a crop protection product can be evenly distributed over a crop. It is important that you use the It is important that you use the right nozzle, as this will affect the effect of the spray liquid.

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  • How to you read a nozzle matrix

    A nozzle matrix helps you with selecting the right nozzle. In the nozzle matrix you can find different speeds, pressures, and liquid amounts sprayed per hectare with each nozzle. This way the nozzle matrix helps you to find the right nozzle for the job.

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  • What does the coding of a nozzle mean?

    Nozzle coding is the information displayed on a nozzle. It includes the characteristics of the nozzle in the form of numbers and letters, namely the nozzle type, the vertex angle, the release value, the brand, the material and the colour coding.

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  • How to clean and check nozzles

    Cleaning and checking of nozzles is important for the optimum operation of a nozzle. A contaminated or damaged nozzle can cost you a lot of money, because it can lead to a waste of crop protection products.

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  • How to reduce wear on nozzles

    Nozzles have a limited life span because of wear and tear during spraying. This wear is caused by friction during spraying. The wear affects the fluid distribution and the spray pattern, so that the nozzle ultimately needs to be replaced.

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  • How to clean spraying equipment

    After spraying, it is important to properly clean your spraying equipment so it will be ready for its next use. If you don’t do this, there is a chance that crop protection products end up where they shouldn’t, which can cause crop damage. In short: Always clean spray equipment after use!

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  • Buying a spraying trolley: where do I start?

    Spraying trolleys are available in many different types and sizes. Please take a few things into account when buying a spraying trolley. Make sure you choose the right spraying trolley for your situation, and let it equip with the right requirements.

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  • Spray table for a Ripa spray gun

    With (chemical) crop protection products it is best to use them as efficiently as possible to minimise waste. To accurately calculate how much spray fluid you spray when using a Ripa spray gun, you need to be aware of the spray gun supply in combination with various types of spray nozzles.

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  • Spray table for an Alumax spray gun

    With (chemical) crop protection products, it is best to use them as efficiently as possible to minimize waste. To accurately calculate how much spray fluid you spray when using an Alumax spray gun, you therefore need to be aware of the output of the spray gun in combination with various types of nozzles.

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  • How to solve malfunction of an Enbar LVM?

    Your Enbar LVM may have a malfunction or other problems may occur. In that case, it is important that you act as soon as possible to resolve the fault or problem, so that employees can then work safely with the Enbar LVM again.

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  • How to use an Enbar LVM

    The Enbar LVM (Low Volume Mist) is a space treatment device for spraying crop protection products. The fans spread miniscule droplets in the crop, so that the crop protection product is optimally distributed over the space.

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