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How to choose the right spray gun? 

Spray gun
Written by Frank Schoenmakers | Last update: 06-02-2021

Different tasks require different spray guns. Royal Brinkman has many different spray guns in their spraying equipment range. For example, there are spray guns for crop protection, for foam disinfection, for spraying, and spray guns used in conjunction with a pressure washer. But there are also different spray guns for each application. We will help you choose the right spray gun.  

Spray gun for crop protection

How do you choose the right spray mask and filter? The most commonly used spray guns for crop protection are the Ripa spray gun and the Alumax spray gun. In both cases, you can make use of various types of nozzles, which each provide a different delivery and a different spray pattern. 

The main difference between the Ripa spray gun and the Alumax spray gun is the quality. They basically work in the same way, but the Ripa spray gun has a heavier quality and will therefore have a longer lifespan. 

Spray gun for foam disinfection

The foaming application of a cleaning or disinfection agent ensures a longer contact time and therefore a better effect. In order to apply a product in foam form, you can use a spray gun for disinfection, also known as a foam lance.

Spray gun for watering

Choose the right spray gunIf you are looking for a spray gun for watering, you can choose from three options: a bare spray gun, a spray gun with a tap on the cane and a spray gun with a quick stop valve. 

Bare spray gun
A bare spray gun can be connected to a water hose. This spray gun does not have a tap or quick stop valve, which means you can only shut off the water at the original water point. A bare spray gun is available in sizes of 40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm.

Spray gun with tap on the cane
A spray gun with tap on the cane can easily be shut off at any time. If you are halfway down the greenhouse and want to stop watering, you can close the tap and no more water will come out of the spray gun. A spray gun with tap on the cane is available in sizes of 40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm.

Spray gun with quick stop valve
As an alternative to a spray gun with tap on the cane, you can choose a spray gun with quick stop valve. This allows you to stop watering at any moment by squeezing the handle. This is convenient for, for instance, going over dry areas in the crop. A spray gun with quick stop valve is available in sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm

Note: a quick stop valve is much more vulnerable than a spray gun with a tap and is therefore not suitable for continuous use. 

Spray guns

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Spray lance for high-pressure cleaning

How do you choose the right gun for high pressure cleaningWith the help of a pressure washer, you can easily remove stubborn dirt. Because the water is thrust through the spray gun at a very high pressure with high-pressure cleaning, you need a special spray gun for this that is resistant to this high pressure. You can mount various types of spray lances onto this spray gun. 

Different lengths
The spray lances are available in different lengths. If you want to have a greater reach, or do you want to be able to reach places at a greater height? Then it is best to choose a long lance. If this is not needed, then a short lance will do. You can also opt for a telescope lance. This is extendable and can therefore be used for both applications. 

Angled lance
For cleaning hard-to-reach places, you can make use of an angled lance. You can set it to different positions.

Nozzles and attachments
For cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, you not only need a spray gun, but a nozzle as well. There are various types of nozzles and other attachments, each suitable for a different application. Read how to choose the right nozzle or a different attachment

More information about an spray gun

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