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What should you pay attention to when choosing a nozzle?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a nozzle?Nozzles are accessories for spraying equipment used to spray crop protection products. A nozzle converts a jet of liquid into droplets so that a crop protection product can be evenly distributed over a crop. It is important that you use the right nozzle, as this will affect the effect of the spray liquid. 

When choosing a nozzle, you need to answer the following questions:
  • How much liquid do I want to spray per hectare? (dispense)
  • Which spraying pressure do I want to use? 
  • Which top corner do I need?
  • What type of nozzle do I want to use?

Dispensing of a nozzle

The label of a crop protection product indicates which solution you are work with and in which quantity the solution should be dosed in the crop.

Nozzle pressure

The spray pressure depends on the desired droplet size. A high spray pressure results in a fine drop, while a low spray pressure results in coarse droplets. The choice of a certain droplet size depends on the type of crop protection product you want to spray. 
  • Insecticides: a coarse droplet can be used here. Insects move in the crop, so that they automatically contact the crop protection product. 
  • Contact fungicides: these can be sprayed with a fine droplet as well as with a coarse droplet, provided that the distribution on the leaf is good. The active substance shall be redistributed in the event of deworming. 
  • Systemic fungicides: the aim is to enter as many of the active substance as possible to the juice stream. Coarse droplets are therefore better suited, because they dry less quickly. 
  • Herbicides: fine droplets remain better on the crop. This makes spraying with a fine drop more suitable when using contact herbicides. 
  • Soil herbicides: these can be sprayed with either a fine or a coarse droplet.

Top corner

The top corner is the angle at which the spray fluid comes out of the nozzle. The top angle is especially important when using a boom. By using a nozzle with the right top angle, you ensure that each location under a boom receives spray fluid from two nozzles mounted next to each other. The spray height also influences this. Tee jet nozzles are available with a top angle of 80° and 110°. The table below shows the height at which a nozzle with a certain top angle must be installed to achieve a 100% overlap. 

Top corner

Spray height  

80° (vertical spray boom)

75 cm

110° (horizontal spray boom)

50 cm

Spray height top corner

Types of nozzles

There are different types of nozzles, each with its own operation. Each application requires a specific type of nozzle. Take this into account when selecting a nozzle. 

Nozzles table

Once you have completed these steps, you can consult the nozzles table. Here you can use the information to determine which nozzle you need for your spraying. 

Questions about nozzles
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