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How to control a spray boom? 

How to control spray boom
Written by: Michael Visser | Last update: 11-04-2019 

A spray boom is a commonly used horticultural device. To extend the life of a spray boom, it is advisable to check it regularly. Filters and nozzles can cause a negatively affect to the spray pattern and distribution of the nozzles. How and how often you should check a spray boom and what benefits it require, you can read in the article below. 

How often should you check a spray boom? 

You should check a spray boom every year for optimal operation of the device. This is important because the nozzles, hoses, and filters may have defects. The advice is to do this in the autumn. In the autumn, most growers are least affected by pests and therefore need to spray less frequently. This way you can be sure that the spray boom works properly when you really need it. 

Check the boom 

Checking a spray boom is quite easy. It is a matter to control the nozzles, hoses and filters carefully. 


When calibrating the boom, it is wise to first check the filters. Check if the filters are damaged, in that case it is necessary to replace it. If the filters are dirty, careful cleaning is sufficient. 


After checking the filters, it is wise to check the spray pattern of the nozzles. The best way to do this is to spray a certain area with a fluorescent substance. By shining with a black light, you can see exactly the spray pattern. If the spray pattern does not match the spray pattern associated with the type of nozzle, it is time to replace them. An alternative is to hang water-sensitive paper in the crop before spraying. 


Finally, it is important to check the hoses for damages and cracks and if the hose is porous. 

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Benefits to control the spray boom

  • It reduces the usage of plant protection products 
  • It extends the lifecycle of the spray boom 
  • It reduces the exposure risk of the user 
  • Less risk of environmental impact and pollution 


In addition to annually checking the spray boom, a spray boom must be tested every three years (in the Netherlands) by a certified company.  

One final tip: Always rinse the spray boom with clean water after use. This prevents the materials of the spray boom protected from crop protection agents of sticking inside the equipment’s. 


More questions? 

Do you have questions about checking a spray boom, or would you like custom advice? Please contact one of our specialists using the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible. 

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