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How to solve an electrical scale failure

electrical scale failureIt occurs that an electric scale shows a fault and therefore does not function as you are accustomed to. In this article, our specialist lists the most common failures and problems and the associated solutions.

Scale does not turn on

  • If the scale does not turn on, check that the power cord or adapter plug is correctly plugged in. 
  • If this has no effect, the adapter may be broken. If possible, try the same adapter from another scale. Make sure that the polarity of the adapter plug is the same. Never use any other adapter, as this can lead to a short circuit! 
  • If this does not work, the battery in the scale may be broken and cause a short circuit. If possible, disconnect the battery wires and reconnect the adapter or plug for testing.

Scale deviates

A deviation in the indicated weight on a scale can have various causes:
  • Check that the battery has sufficient power and is working properly. 
  • Check that the weighing platform is straight, does not touch and does not clamp. 
  • If the scale has a separate readout unit, check the plug/cable of the readout unit. 
  • The scale may need to be calibrated.

Scale does not reach zero

  • Check that the weighing platform is correctly positioned, is not inclined, is not clamped and is completely unloaded. 

Questions about interference of an electric scale

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