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How do you choose a high pressure hose?

How do I choose the best high pressure hose?Many greenhouses use high pressure hoses for cleaning floors, glass, gutters, machines and more. A high pressure hose makes it convenient to clean persistent dirt fast. Much more efficient than when you would do this by hand. There are different types of high pressure hoses with different advantages and features. So how do you choose the best suitable hose? Our product specialist will explain this topic.

High pressure cleaner choice

In order to make it easier to choose the right high-pressure cleaner, you need to take the following points into account:
  • Pressure of a high pressure hose
  • Water usage of a high pressure hose
  • Hot water or cold water
  • Cleaning liquid
  • Nozzles and attachments
  • Hose reel

Pressure of a high pressure hose

The pressure of the high pressure cleaner is indicated in bar. The higher the pressure, the more powerful the water beam, the better the cleaning results. The most high pressure hoses have the ability to adjust the pressure manually. De pressure that is needed depends on the material that needs to be cleaned. In the matrix underneath you can see the pressure that is most suitable for cleaning different materials.

Tools100 - 120 bar
Machines & vehicles110 - 120 bar
Gutters, pipelines & sewers120 - 140 bar
Greenhouse facades120 - 140 bar
Concrete and stone110 - 170 bar*
Brickwork140 - 170 bar
* Depending on the surface and amount of dirt

Water usage of a high pressure hose

The water usage of the high pressure hose shows how much water the machine uses per hour. When you compare the water usages of different high pressure hoses, this is the rule: the high pressure hose with the highest water usage at an equal pressure is the machine with the best cleaning ability.

Warm or cold water

An important choise at buying a high pressure hose is between cleaning with cold or warm water. A cold water high pressure hose is most suitable for cleaning non-sticky dirt like dust and moss. Sticky dirt can also be cleaned with a cold water high pressure hose but this takes a lot longer than when u use a high pressure hose with warm water. Besides that warm water also kills bacteria (if the water is warm enough. Surfaces that have been cleaned with warm water also need a shorter time to dry. 

Note: not every high pressure hose heats the water itself. In this case you need to connect the hose to a warm water connection.

Cleaning liquid

Not every high pressure hose is suitable for cleaning or disinfection liquids. When you would like to use this application it’s important to keep this in mind when you decide to buy a high pressure hose.

Nozzles and attachments

When you want to buy a high pressure hose it’s important that you also buy the right nozzles and attachments. These accessories provide a different beam and a different way of cleaning.

Hose reel

High pressure hoses for horticulture are mostly equipped with a big amount of hose. This way it’s possible to clean bigger surfaces from one point. To help you with pulling the hose you can consider using an electric hose reel.  

high pressure hose specialist
Questions about choosing the right high pressure hose

If you have any questions about choosing the right high pressure hose or if you would like us to advise us please contact our product specialist Michael Visser. Or you can use our question form. 

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