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How do you choose the right BeMatic Meto spraying robot?

Meto spraying robot
Written by Giel van der Hoeven | Last update: 07-04-2021

With the BeMatic Meto spraying robot, you protect the crop and the health of your employees. After all, they no longer have to enter the crop during spraying. But which BeMatic Meto should you choose? The BeMatic Meto SW? The combination with the BeMatic Meto Trans, allowing you to use the BeMatic Meto as a fully automatic machine? Or perhaps the BeMatic Meto SWT, which can spray locally? When making your choice, pay attention to what functionalities you need.

What is the BeMatic Meto spraying robot?

The BeMatic Meto spraying robot is an automatically driving spraying trolley that is regularly used in greenhouse horticulture. The advantage of the BeMatic Meto spraying trolley is that nobody needs to ride along with the spraying trolley. It is available in 4 variants: a starter model (BeMatic EasySpray), semi-automatic (BeMatic Meto SW), fully automatic if coupled with the BeMatic Meto Trans, semi-automatic with the possibility of local spraying (BeMatic Meto SWT).

The differences between the BeMatic EasySpray, Meto Trans, Meto SWT and Meto SW: 

  Labor saving
Health of employees 
BeMatic EasySpray
 BeMatic Meto SW
 BeMatic Meto Trans
 BeMatic Meto SWT

Watch videos about the BeMatic Meto spraying robot below:

  • BeMatic EasySpray

  • BeMatic Meto SWT

  • BeMatic Meto Trans

BeMatic Meto SW

The BeMatic Meto SW is in itself a semi-automatic. It moves independently through the crop to spray. All you have to do is move it manually from one path to another. You can also let the BeMatic Meto work fully automatically. To do this, combine it with the BeMatic Meto Trans

Meto spuitrobot
BeMatic Meto SW


  • Can be upgraded from semi-automatic to automatic by means of BeMatic Meto Trans


  • An employee must remain present


BeMatic Meto SW in combination with the BeMatic Meto Trans

You can also have the BeMatic Meto SW work fully automatically. Use the BeMatic Meto Trans for this. A hose reel is mounted on the BeMatic Meto Trans. You can connect this to the high pressure line or tank spraying trolley. With this extension, the BeMatic Meto spraying robot can move independently from path to path. So you don't have to stay in the vicinity. You can also have it spray the crop at night. The touchscreen is similar to that of the BeMatic Meto SW and is compact and clear.

Meto trans
BeMatic Meto Trans

  • Easy expansion to make the BeMatic Meto SW work fully automatically
  • Employees do not need to stay in the area
  • You can have it spray at night
  • Hoses present that run across the paths

BeMatic Meto SWT

The BeMatic Meto SWT is a semi-automatic machine. This spraying robot contains a tank with 275 liters of crop protection agent. The spraying robot has also a 15 liter cleanwater tank. The BeMatic Meto SWT is specially developed to be able to spray locally, without having hoses running over the path. This will keep the main path clear for other work. An employee must move the BeMatic Meto SWT from path to path. In addition, it is easy to operate with the touchscreen.

BeMatic Meto SWT

  • Large tank (275 liter)
  • 15 liter cleanwater tank
  • No unnecessary hoses on the path
  • Possibility of localized spraying

  • An employee must be present to move it

BeMatic EasySpray

The BeMatic EasySpray was developed for markets where the use of (fully) automatic spraying equipment is not feasible, but where there is still a need for a good quality sprayer. For this model, the investment is relatively small. The EasySpray is a manually operated spraying machine. Moving sideways is easy, as the cart is easy to lift with the hand lift. In addition, the EasySpray can be equipped with various types of mounted reels and spray booms.

BeMatic EasySpray

  • It is an entry-level model at a budget price
  • Easy to operate, quick commissioning
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Flexible, easy to move to the next pad
  • User-friendly control panel


  • An employee must be present for movement



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Questions about working safely with a BeMatic Meto spraying trolley

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