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Different spraying techniques in the glass horticulture

spraying technique
Written by Michael Visser | Last update 24-05-2020

Low volume spraying technique when applying low volume technique, little liquid is being used. Space treatment and ULV are examples of these techniques. This spraying technique is mainly used in the cultivation of pot plants and in some cases for vegetable cultivation.

Space treatment

In case of space treatment the pesticide is applied by means of a Pulse fog or Enbar LVM. There are two options within space treatment: Fogging and LVM (Low Volume Misting).
The advantage of space treatment is that it is a quick way of working, which saves a lot of time and labor. The quantity of agents used is also significantly lower than in case of other spraying techniques. The scarce use of liquid ensures that the crop does not get unnecessarily wet. A disadvantage of space treatment however is that it cannot eliminate all diseases and pests. In addition, the crop is required to be made very wet in case of some contaminations which is impossible to achieve with a space treatment.


Thanks to the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technique diluting of agents is no longer required. Using the rotating disc and centrifugal force makes it possible to generate 30 million droplets from 1 ml of liquid. So it is no longer necessary to dilute all the agents, which enhances the operation and results in a more desired effect. As a result, this ensures optimal humidification by a defined narrow droplet spectrum.

High volume spraying technique

Another way to spray the crop is the use of high volume technique. This includes spray booms and spray guns. In case of these techniques a lot of spraying liquid is used. Both spraying techniques are mainly used in flower and vegetable cultivation.
Spray boom
A Spray boom is a kind of robot that you can use to automatically spray large surfaces in an easy way. The advantage is a lot of savings on labor relative to using a spray gun. For this spraying technique you can choose between using horizontal and vertical spray booms.
  • A vertical spray boom moves among the crop, across a pipe rail system, which makes it suitable for crops that grow upwards. For example tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • A horizontal spray boom sprays from above and is used for ornamentals and pot plants, where a spray boom cannot reach between the plants.
The disadvantage of a spray boom and relative to, for example a Pulse fog or LVM, is that it is a much larger investment and is more labor-intensive. Also not every greenhouse construction is suitable for the use of a spray boom. So always seek proper advice about this.

Spray gun

Lastly, for the spraying of crops, you can use a spray gun in combination with a spraying trolley or backpack sprayer. The spraying trolley or backpack sprayer contains a spray liquid and by use of the spray gun the crop can be sprayed manually. Spray guns are suitable for small cultivations and those that do not frequently require spraying. A spray gun is also used for specific spraying.

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