How to maintain a Dosatron

How to maintain a DosatronRegular maintenance is of great importance for the operation of a Dosatron. This extends the life of the dosing pump. Dried dirt and crystallised concentrate can have a negative effect on the operation of a dosing pump. In this article our specialist explains how to maintain a Dosatron dosing pump.

Replacement and assembly of parts

For optimal operation of the dosing pump, replace the components (such as the non-return valve, seals in the dosing element and if necessary the suction hose) at least once a year. Always wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves during this work. It is important not to use any tools so that the pump cannot be damaged.

Replacing seals in the dosing element

When replacing a seal, always make sure that there is no pressure on the Dosatron. Replacement of seals can be done as follows:
  • Squeeze your finger and thumb into the sealing ring and push it to one side, or; 
  • Increase the deformation of the ring even more until it protrudes and can be pulled out of its seat. 
Then clean the ring or replace it if necessary and put it back in place by hand. Make sure that the sealing ring is not twisted, otherwise it will not seal properly.

Replacing the non-return valve gasket

Replace the non-return valve gasket at least once a year. Replace the gasket as follows:
  1. Turn off the water supply and lower the pressure to zero; 
  2. Release the suction hose and remove the non-return valve; 
  3. Pull the dosing element down; 
  4. Replace the gaskets, non-return valve and hose gland. 
Then replace the parts by hand in reverse order.

Cleaning parts

When using soluble powders, it is advisable to dismantle the entire dosing element periodically and clean it. Thoroughly rinse the parts with water and reassemble them. If the suction tube is difficult to mount, lubricate the seal with a silicone lubricant if necessary.

Other maintenance of a Dosatron

If you experience any other problems, consult your dealer or find out how to solve an interference of a dosing pump by watching a maintenance video.

Questions about the maintenance of a Dosatron
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