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How to maintain and repair a Robocar

How to maintain and repair a RobocarThe Robocar is a robust electric tractor and therefore requires little regular maintenance. However, we do recommend that you follow the maintenance schedule below to avoid problems. It also ensures that employees can work safely with the Robocar. In this article, our specialist lists the points for attention for maintenance and repair of the Robocar.

Inspection plan

Various parts of the Robocar must be checked periodically. The number of times this should be done varies from one part to another. The control chart below shows the necessary controls and how often you need to carry out these controls.

Note: Always switch off the Robocar with the main switch before starting the check.

Maintenance/check  DayWeekMonthYear
Sufficiently charged battery
Battery condition gauge 
Damage to control components
Damage/visibility of pictograms and stickers   
Control of flash and beeper operation   
Control operation obstacle detection sensor and bumper  
Cleaning the control panel Moisture cloth  
Check for damage to cables    
Control screwed in dirt or rope at wheels    
General mechanical damage    
Charging the batteries (minimum) Battery charger  
Control battery fluid level (plates 1 cm below liquid level)Distilled water   
Control of wheel wear     6 months 
Update rust
   6 months 
Blow the carbon brushes of the motor clean and shorten them by more than 1 cmVisual
Check and lubricate swivel castors Visual and spray grease
Control of welding of construction on (hair) cracks

If it turns out that there is a defect in the Robocar during one of the above checks, contact a mechanic immediately. Taking the Robocar into operation despite the defects can be very dangerous and is therefore prohibited!

Questions about maintenance and repair of the Robocar
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