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How do you maintain an Enbar LVM?

How do you maintain an Enbar LVM?The Enbar LVM (Low Volume Mist) is a space treatment device for atomizing crop protection agents. The fans spread miniscule droplets throughout the crop, so that the crop protection agent is optimally distributed across the space. For the best result and a safe working method, it is important to maintain the Enbar LVM in the correct way. This article describes what maintenance the Enbar LVM needs. 

Cleaning after use

  1. After the atomization is finished, the liquid reservoir, suction pipe, filter, flow limited and nozzle are rinsed with water.
  2. Unscrew the liquid reservoir from the unit and rinse it clean with 40°C tap water. 
  3. Leave a layer of water in the liquid reservoir, this prevents the pipes from drying out. 
  4. Screw the liquid reservoir back onto the unit. 
  5. Fill the rinse tank with clean water.
  6. Clean the unit and the compressor. Use a non-corrosive (household) cleaning agent for this.
  7. Check the Enbar for leaks and wear of the hoses and cables.
  8. Check the guards and/or grilles of the Enbar. 
  9. Check couplings, bolts and nuts.

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Maintenance for the compressor

Drain condensation
  1. Tap the pressure vessel after each use.
  2. Place a receptacle under the drain tap. 
  3. Open the drain tap. 
  4. Collect the condensate. Because this contains oil, you should treat it like chemical waste. 

Check oil level
  1. Check the oil level of the compressor. The level must be between the red dot on the oil sight glass and the bottom of the oil sight glass. The red dot is the maximum level. 
  2. Refill the oil when necessary. Only use Piston compressor oil 5ltr.

Refilling and changing oil
  1. Change the oil after every 500 operating hours or once every six months.
  2. Unscrew the oil filling plug out of the crankcase.
  3. Place a receptacle under the oil drain plug.
  4. Unscrew the oil drain plug and collect the oil. You should treat this like chemical waste. 
  5. Clean the oil drain plug.
  6. Screw the oil drain plug back into the crankcase. 
  7. Fill the crankcase with oil through the filler opening. The maximum level is the red dot on the oil sight glass; the minimum level is the bottom of the oil sight glass. 
  8. Screw the oil filling plug back into the crankcase.

Air filters

  1. After using the Enbar 5 times, the air filters need to be cleaned. 
  2. Clean the casing of the air filters by loosening the cover (bayonet fitting).
  3. Blow compressed air through the filters. Note: residue can be released from the filters. 
  4. Place the air filters back.
  5. In case of serious pollution, the air filters need to be replaced. 

Safety measures

  • Make sure you always take the appropriate security measures when performing maintenance to the Enbar LVM:
  • Always wear the required personal protective equipment when working on the Enbar LVM. 
  • Always unplug the power supply.
  • Close the ball valve of the air supply.
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Questions about maintenance to an Enbar LVM

Do you have questions about maintenance to an Enbar LVM, or would you like advice tailored to your situation? Then please contact one of our product specialists or ask your question via the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible - on working days even within 24 hours.

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