Teejet nozzle chart: How do you read it?

How do you read a teejet nozzle chart?A nozzle matrix, also known as a teejet nozzle chart, helps you with selecting the right nozzle. In the  teejet nozzle chart you can find different speeds, pressures, and liquid amounts sprayed per hectare with each nozzle. This way the nozzle matrix helps you to find the right teejet nozzles for the job. 

Choosing your nozzle with the nozzle matrix

When you have determined the amount of liquid per hectare you want to spray and with which speed, you can read in the matrix which teejet nozzle is best suitable. For example if you would like to spray 415 liters per hectare and your spray boom goes 40 meters per minute. You look in the matrix beneath 40 meters per minute for the amount of liters that comes closesd to 415 liters. In the matrix you can see that this is 412 liters per hectare. According to the matrix you can get this result with the orange nozzle 110-01 using 13 bar. 

teejet nozzle chart

Spray nozzle confirmed

When you know which teejet nozzle to use, you need to adjust the speed of your spray boom and the pressure to the nozzle. This way you will spray the right amount of liquid per hectare. For example if you only are able to use the 110-01 nozzle and you need to spray 360 liters per hectare, you will need to adjust de speed to 50 meters per minute and the pressure to 16 bar.

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