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Which nozzles are available for high pressure cleaners?

nozzles for high pressure cleanersA high-pressure cleaner can be used to easily rinse or loosen dirt. When using this cleaning device, it is important that you use the right nozzle or the right nozzle attachment. The different nozzles and nozzle attachments have a different effect on the cleaning power of the machine. This is due to the angle at which the water comes out of the device. There are different types of nozzles and nozzle attachments for high pressure cleaners. In this article our specialist explains. 

Point jet nozzle (or round jet nozzle)

For a strong cleaning effect on a small surface, use a point or round jet nozzle. This nozzle sprays the water with great force into a thin jet, so that dirt can easily be removed. When using a point jet nozzle, it is important that you do not work too quickly, but also not too slowly. If you go too fast, you will see circles on the cleaned material. If you go too slowly, the high pressure can cause damage to the cleaned surface. A point jet nozzle is not suitable for cleaning every material. For example, wood can quickly be damaged by the high force.

Power nozzle

A power nozzle - just like a point jet nozzle - sprays the watter out into a thin jet with great force. However, the difference between a point jet nozzle and a power nozzle is that a power nozzle covers a much larger area, which speeds up cleaning. In fact, the power nozzle combines the power of a point jet nozzle with the surface performance of a flat nozzle - even though the cleaner has less cleaning power than the point jet nozzle. When using the power nozzle, also consider that you are not going too fast or too slow and that you could damage softer materials.

Note: Never raise a point jet nozzle or a power nozzle when it is under pressure. Both nozzles contain a ball in the lance. If you point the lance upwards while spraying, this ball may break.

Flat nozzle

A flat nozzle sprays out the water under lower pressure. This makes this nozzle more suitable for cleaning delicate materials. The dirt is removed from the surface with less risk of damage than with the point jet nozzle and power nozzle - provided you use the high-pressure cleaner correctly. For best results, keep 30 centimetres distance from the surface to be cleaned. When you spray from closer, damage can occur; when you spray from further away, the jet loses its power and the result is less. You can also use a flat nozzle in combination with a cleaning or disinfecting agent.

types of nozzles
F.l.t.r.: power nozzle, flat nozzle and point jet nozzle

Floor cleaner or terrace brush

For cleaning large floor areas, it is best to use a floor cleaner or a terrace brush. It contains two nozzles, so you can clean a larger surface in one go. Also, the water does not splash when using a floor cleaner. Make sure that the dirt is removed from the cleaned surface after the cleaning process so that it cannot be pulled back in again. You can do this with a broom, but you can also spray the surface again with a flat nozzle.

Washing brush

When you clean your company cars, you don't want scratches to occur. In this case it is better not to mount a nozzle on the high-pressure cleaner. It is advisable to use a washing brush with soft hair.



Questions about nozzles and nozzle attachments for the high-pressure cleaner.

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