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How to choose the right pipe rail support

How to choose the right pipe rail supportPipe rail supports support the heating pipes in the greenhouse. By placing the pipe rail support correctly, you can make the heating pipes suitable for driving over with pipe rail trolleys. There are different types of pipe rail support available. In this article our specialists will help you choose the right pipe rail support. 

Factors when choosing pipe rail support

The choice for a certain type of pipe rail support depends on several factors:

The pipe rail system is not the same in every greenhouse. Therefore it is important that you measure the centre-to-centre distance, the size of the base plate, the tube size and the height well and accurately. This way you ensure that the pipe rail system is as solid and stable as possible.

Clamping straps

In older closed pipe rail systems, clamping straps are still used to attach the heating pipe to the pipe rail support. If this is the case with your pipe rail system, keep in mind that you need two clamping straps per pipe rail support. So:

Number of pipe rail supports x 2 = number of clamping straps needed

Tailor-made advice

Fill in the dimensions that apply to your situation in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the best option for your situation. 

Pipe rail support

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Questions about pipe rail support
Do you have questions about choosing or installing pipe rail support, or do you have questions about the information above? Then please contact one of our product specialists.