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How to maintain and repair pipe rail trolleys

How to maintain and repair pipe rail trolleysWhen working with pipe rail trolleys it is very important that they are checked correctly and regularly. In this way you ensure that employees can work safely with the pipe rail trolleys. In this article, our specialist sets out the points for attention for the maintenance and repair of pipe rail trolleys.

Inspection plan

Different parts of pipe rail trolleys must be checked periodically. The number of times this should be done varies from one part to another. The control chart below shows the necessary controls and how often you need to do these controls.

Note: Always switch off the pipe rail trolley with the main switch before starting the check!

Maintenance/ control Auxiliary tool DayWeekMonthYear 
Adequately charged battery  Visual ✔
Damage to control components Visual ✔   
Damage/visibility of pictograms and stickers
 Brush / damp cloth ✔
Footstools + cleaning the platform Soft brush / damp cloth  
Cleaning the control panel Brush / damp cloth  
Cleaning frame sliding blocks scissors Visual  
Check for leakage and damage to cables and hoses Vsual  
Check screwed in dirt or rope on wheels and chain Visual  
General mechanical damage Hydraulic oil  
Lifting and lowering control for faltering (low oil arrow hydraulic oil) ISO Viscosity Grade 46  
Charge batteries and if necessary or at least once a month Battery charger   
Control battery fluid level (plates 1 cm below liquid level) Water, gloves and goggles   
Checking the operation of the tilt signal Test >> 2 degrees   
Check hydraulic components under the cover for leakage (pump/valves) Tool removal bolt from cover cap   
Grease the wheels of the lift, drive chain and ball bearings Lubricant   
Control chain tension Wrenches   
Mounting brackets on scissors shafts Visual   
Clean carbon brushes and have them replaced if shorter than 1 cm Compressed air / visual    
Grease the hinged parts of the scissor construction Grease and grease    
Grease the hinged parts of the lifting system Spray fat / WD40    
Control scissor construction for (hair) cracks and rust Visual    

If during one of the above checks it is found that the pipe rail trolley is defective, make sure that it is not used until the defect has been solved. Always have a qualified technician carry out maintenance on electrical components, wiring, the hydraulic system and the drive motor.

Questions about the maintenance and repair of pipe rail trolleys
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