What to do during a Robocar malfunction?

Robocar malfunctionYou can prevent your Robocar from getting a breakdown, or other problems when following the following measurements. Read furhter to discover the possible causes of a malfunction. In addition, it may help to formulate a clear malfunction if a mechanic needs to be activated. In this article, our specialist describes the most common malfunctions and problems, with the associated solutions.

The Robocar doesn’t respond when turning it on

  • Possible cause: The key switch and/or the emergency stop are turned off.
    Solution: Make sure the key switch is switched on and that the emergency stop is unlocked.

  • Possible cause: the batteries are empty.
    Solution: Check the battery condition meter and charge the batteries.

  • Possible cause: The emergency bumper touches something.
    Solution: Make sure the bumper does not touch anything.

The Robocar has stopped during induction driving

  • Possible cause: There is something blocking the obstacle detection sensor (in this case, the LED lights turn red, and you hear a beep).
    Solution: Remove the obstacle.

  • Possible cause: The emergency bumper has been operated.
    Solution: Remove the obstacle and reset the emergency bumper.

  • Possible cause: The control-unit stopped the Robocar because of a closed door, a busy intersection or because the unloading-unit is still busy.
    Solution: Wait for release.

  • Possible cause: the batteries are empty.
    Solution: Check the battery condition meter and charge the batteries..

The Robocar doesn’t find an induction signal

  • Possible cause: There is no induction signal on the route.
    Solution: Check the induction loop supply.

  • Possible cause: There is a wire break in the induction loop.
    Solution: Contact your dealer.

  • Possible cause: The induction antenna is defective.
    Solution: Check the antenna and contact your dealer.

Other malfunctions or problems

If the Robocar shows any other malfunctions or problems, please contact your dealer.

Michael Visser
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