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How do you work safely with a Meto spraying trolley?

Veilig werken met een Meto spuitwagenThe Meto spraying trolley is an automatically driving spraying trolley that is regularly used in greenhouse horticulture. The advantage of the Meto spraying trolley is that nobody needs to ride along with the spraying trolley. However, working with the Meto spraying trolley does involve risks. That is why it is very important that employees are aware of the safety measures, so that they know how to work safely with this device. In this article, our specialist lists these measures.

Safety measures before use

  • Before using a Meto spraying trolley, always read the user manual first and follow the instructions and safety regulations. A pipe rail trolley may only be operated by persons of at least 18 years old who have been properly instructed and are familiar with the user manual, fully understand it and are aware of the dangers.
  • The operator of the Meto spraying trolley must be certified for the use of crop protection agents.
  • Check the Meto spraying trolley for defects before use. If you find a defect, then resolve it first or – if you cannot do so yourself – seek help from a mechanic.
  • Before driving, make sure nobody is in your path, whether there are no other pipe rail trolleys in the path and whether there are no obstacles or plant remains on the rails.
  • Also check in advance whether all guards and protection caps are mounted and closed.

Safety measures during use

  • No persons may hitch a ride on the chassis.
  • Only use a spraying trolley for the purposes it was designed for.
  • Keep enough distance from fixed and/or moving parts of the greenhouse structure.
  • Make sure you always wear the required personal protective equipment and safety shoes of at least safety category S1 when operating the Meto spraying trolley.
  • Never exceed the maximum liquid valve pressure of 40 bar.

Safety measures after use

  • Clean the pipes of liquid after use, so that no bacteria can form in the standing water.
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Questions about working safely with a Meto spraying trolley
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