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How to set up a Dosatron

How to set up a DosatronWhen using a Dosatron for the first time, it is important to take a few steps regarding, for example, setting the dosage. In this way, the dosing pump works best. In this article, our specialist explains how to set up a Dosatron.

Deflating the Dosatron

When connecting the Dosatron, the pump must be deflated before it is put into operation. Deflating can be done as follows:
  1. Open the water supply partially; 
  2. Then press the deflation button located at the top of the pump; 
  3. Release the button when a constant stream of water flows past the deflate button; 
  4. Open the water supply completely, the pump is self-priming; 
  5. Allow the pump to operate until the injection solution has been sucked into the dosing tube; 
  6. The pump is in operation when you hear a clicking noise. 

Setting the dosage

If you want to set the dosage of the pump, it is important that there is no pressure on the pump. It is also important not to use tools. Set the dosage as follows:
  1. To remove the pressure from the Dosatron dosing pump, it is important to close the valve on the inlet side; 
  2. Loosen the conical nut/blocking ring; 
  3. Turn the dosing nut to the left or right so that the adjustment seam in the eye of the adjustment ring corresponds to the desired dosage; 
  4. Tighten the locking ring again. 
  5. The dosing principle is 1/100. This means that at a setting of 1%, 1-part concentrate is added to 100 parts waters. 

Questions about the use of a Dosatron dosing pump
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