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How to solve a malfunction of a Dosatron

How to solve a malfunction of a DosatronIt is possible that a Dosatron has a fault, or that other problems occur. In that case it is important that you act as quickly as possible and solve the problem, so that as little water as possible is lost. In this article our specialist will list the most common malfunctions of a dosing pump and the associated solutions for you.

Possible cause
Piston motor
Dosatron does not start or stops Piston motor does not runReset the piston by hand
 The pump is not vented
Bleed the pump using the bleed button
 The maximum flow has been exceeded1. Reduce flow and restart pump
2. Loosen the screw cap. Remove the piston and check that the piston rings are still in place
 Piston motor is damagedReturn the pump to your service centre/dealer
Water flows back into the concentrate tank
Contaminated, worn or missing non-return valve parts
Cleaning or replacing the non-return valve
For IE model: membrane injection module and parasol valves are damaged or limed.
Replacing the diaphragm and valve seat
For IE model: lip valve and parasol valves are damaged or limed
Descale or replace the lintel valve and valve seat
Water flows back into the concentrate tank
Piston motor has stopped
See piston engine
Leaky suction hose
Replace the suction tube
For IE model: External injection line clogged or limed
Descale or replace the external injection line
Clogged intake hose or intake filter
Replace the suction tube
Piston seal missing, incorrectly assembled or worn
Cleaning up or replacing the WL3000 version
Worn suction tube
Dosage too low
Air is sucked in
1. Check that the nuts have been sucked in from the dosing element and that they are tightened
2. Check the suction hose and clean or replace it
Contaminated or worn non-return valve gasket
Reduce the flow
Exceedance of maximum flow (cavitation)
Reduce the flow
Worn suction gasket
Worn suction tube
For the models IE, external injection module and T-piece injection limed or damaged
Check the condition of the parasol valves, the diaphragm and the lip valve. If necessary, decalcify or replace
Leakage at the dosing tube connection (metal ring)
The dosing tube ring is damaged or incorrectly positioned
Leakage between dosing nut and washer
The dosing element ring is damaged, incorrectly positioned or missing
Leakage between screw cap and pump housing
Screw cover gasket is damaged, incorrectly positioned, or missing.
Unscrew the cover, clean the gasket setting, replace the new gasket or carefully replace the old one
Leakage between injection module and pump housing
Seal of the injection module is damaged, incorrectly installed, or absent
Position correctly, clean seat of seal or replace seal
External leakage in case of nut on the side of the injection module
Nut is not tightened properly, or diaphragm is damaged
Clean the diaphragm, replace it if necessary and tighten the nut
Leakage at T-piece Injection
Internal seals are damaged, incorrectly installed or absent

Other failure of the Dosatron

If the Dosatron shows a different fault, consult your dealer.

Questions about interference of a Dosatron
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