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Spray table for a Ripa spray gun

Ripa spray gunWith (chemical) crop protection products it is best to use them as efficiently as possible to minimise waste. To accurately calculate how much spray fluid you spray when using a Ripa spray gun, you need to be aware of the spray gun supply in combination with various types of spray nozzles. Below you will find the spray chart for a Ripa spray gun. With this information you can determine the amount of spray liquid you need and choose the right nozzle.

Ripa spray gun with various nozzles
(All values are in litres per minute) 
Nozzle nr.Dia in mm5 bar 10 bar 15 bar20 bar25 bar30 bar35 bar40 bar
1,0 1,00 1,6 2,22,73,13,53,8 4,1 4,4 
1,2 1,20 2,02,93,74,34,85,25,66,0
1,5 1,503,24,65,76,77,58,18,89,4
2,0 2,005,88,310,211,813,114,415,516,7
2,5 2,509,012,915,918,520,622,524,326,2
3,0 3,0012,618,322,426,229,031,834,437,1

Spray nozzles

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