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Enbar LVM: How to use it

How to use an Enbar LVMThe Enbar LVM (Low Volume Mist) is a space treatment device for spraying crop protection products. The fans spread miniscule droplets in the crop, so that the crop protection product is optimally distributed over the space. For best results and safe working practices, it is important that you use the Enbar LVM correctly. In this article you will find the user manual.


  1. Place the Enbar LVM on a flat and stable surface. 
  2. Position the Enbar in the longitudinal direction of the main path so that the airflow passes over the main path and does not touch the crop. 
  3. Block the wheels with the locking device. 
  4. Ensure that the crop is dry. 
  5. Check that the drain valve underneath the compressor tank is closed or close it. 
  6. Close the ball valve between the buffer tank and the pressure regulator. 
  7. Connect the Enbar LVM to an earthed socket outlet fused at 16 A in conjunction with a 30-mA residual current device. 
  8. Open the spherical plug between the buffer tank and the pressure reducer. 
  9. Wait until the pressure gauge on the buffer tank indicates 8 bars. 
  10. Turn the knob of the pressure reducer until the pressure gauge on the pressure reducer is 6 bars. 

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Prevention using the Enbar fan is automatic when the Enbar is started. The minimum pre-ventilation time is 5 minutes, which can be set using the rotary switch.
  1. Close the air windows and doors to the outside. 
  2. Turn on any auxiliary fan(s) in the growing area to be treated. 
  3. Run the auxiliary fan(s) at least half an hour before fogging. 
  4. Allow the auxiliary fan(s) to run during and up to 15 minutes after mists. 

Filling and starting

  1. Put on the necessary personal protective equipment
  2. Prepare the spray liquid. 
  3. Carefully unscrew the fluid reservoir underneath the Enbar. 
  4. Fill the fluid reservoir with a sieve. 
  5. Replace and tighten the fluid reservoir. 
  6. Fill the rinsing tank with water. 
  7. Use the rotary knob to set the desired pre-ventilation time. The minimum pre-ventilation time is 5 minutes. 
  8. Use the rotary knob to set the desired mist time. Approximately 1 litre of liquid is atomized every half hour. Always take 15 minutes extra atomizer time, so you can be sure that all the crop protection product is atomized. 
  9. Make sure that nobody is in the area and inform employees that crop protection products are going to be sprayed. Make sure that no one can enter the area.
  10. Insert the key into the key switch. 
  11. Set the key switch to the 'Automatic' position (anti-clockwise) and press the starter button. The Enbar now starts with pre-ventilating and continues the program. During the pre-ventilation phase, the light in the starter button flashes. 
  12.  When the spray time is over, the Enbar will automatically start the rinsing and after-rinsing. The rinsing cycle lasts 10 minutes. 
  13. The pressure switch then switches the compressor off automatically. 
  14. Allow the room to air well for a few hours after treatment. 

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Stopping the installation

  1. Only enter the room when the Enbar is finished with fogging and ventilating and the room is well aerated. 
  2. When stopping the installation, wear the necessary personal protective equipment. 
  3. Use the push button to set the pressure switch to '0' (OFF). 
  4. Set the key switch on the central cabinet to '0' and remove the key from the switch. This prevents unauthorised use. 
  5. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket. 
  6. Carefully unscrew the fluid reservoir from the Enbar. 
  7. Rinse the fluid reservoir with hot tap water at 40°C. 
  8. Leave a layer of clean water in the fluid reservoir. This prevents the pipes from drying out. 
  9. Screw the fluid reservoir back into place. 
  10. Fill the rinsing tank with clean water. 
  11. Drain the condensation from the pressure vessel. Place a drain tray under the drain tap, open the drain tap, collect the condensate and close the drain tap again. 
  12. Treat the condensate collected as chemical waste, as it contains oil. 

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Starting after an emergency stop or power failure

When the power supply is interrupted, the Enbar does not automatically resume the program. In this case, follow these steps:
  1. Determine the cause of the power failure or emergency stop and, if possible, rectify the cause. 
  2. Press the start button. The Enbar will now pre-ventilate for 5 minutes and then resume the program. 

Questions about the use of an Enbar LVM
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