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Minor maintenance on the Empas spray trolley

Empas spray trolley
Written by Frank Schoenmakers | Last updated: 28-09-2021

The Empas spray trolley is a well-known machine in the horticultural sector. The machine can be used to treat a large greenhouse surface quickly and easily. To increase the lifespan of the Empas spray trolley, proper maintenance is essential. We recommend you to carry out major maintenance on the Empas once a year. However, you can perform minor maintenance by yourself to keep using your Empas optimally. 

Maintenance requirements for the Empas spray trolley

Before starting the maintenance, it is useful to think about whether you need the following parts for the maintenance: 
Large O-rings
Small O-rings
Allen key

Visual inspection of the Empas spray trolley

You can see a lot with the naked eye. You can see quickly whether the tires are hard enough, whether there is damage to the tank or whether there are leaks in the hoses. Therefore, always start with a check around the Empas spray trolley for a visual inspection. Also, open the tank to check if the spray liquid has been emptied. A small layer of water in the tank will do no harm. Start the Empas in the usual way and check the pressure of the pump. Ideally, the pressure should be approximately 50 bar. Do not forget to switch off the Empas again before you continue with the next steps. 

Check and clean the filter

Make sure the Empas spray trolley is switched off. The filter is on the left, at the bottom of the Empas. You can recognize it by the yellow button. Unscrew the yellow button and open the filter holder. Attention, the filter can contain water. Clean the filter thoroughly or replace it with a new one if necessary. When replacing the filter, note the presence of the rubber O-ring and check immediately whether it needs to be replaced. Subsequently, tighten the yellow button by pushing it in and turning it back.

Check the hoses

Check the Empas hoses once in a while. Over time, especially at the attachment points, cracks may appear. Accordingly, these cracks can cause leaks. Therefore, check all hoses carefully for cracks and leaks. 

Check the oil level

The oil level of the pump can be checked through the glass on the side of the Empas. Another way is to open oil reservoir and check the pin. The oil should at least cover the pin to the notch. If this is not the case, oil must be added.

Check the pump

Make sure you have the right tools to loosen the screws of the pump. There is a removable valve at the bottom and at the top. You should start at the top. After loosening the screws, put them in a place where you can easily find them again. Carefully remove the cover from the top of the pump. Note that the O-rings can become loose in the process. Remove the upper O-rings and take the springs out of the pump. There is also a smaller O-ring at the bottom of the pump which need to be replaced. Remove dirt from the spring and clean it. Place the new O-rings in the pump before replacing the spring. Be sure to also place the O-rings on top of the spring. These new O-rings should fit perfectly, as they have not yet been stretched by the water. Replace the lid and screw it on. Repeat these steps for the bottom of the pump.


Test the Empas spray trolley

Turn on the Empas sprayer and test whether everything works. It may happen that air is blown out of the hoses into the tank. This is due to the filter being replaced. Also, make sure that the numbers (that indicate the content) on the gauge at the side of the Empas can be read properly. Besides, check that the safety pictograms are still legible. 

Watch the video below that goes through the above steps:



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More information about minor maintenance on the Empas spray trolley

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