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Tips for minor maintenance of the Meto spraying robot

Meto spraying Trolley
Written by Giel van der Hoeven | Last updated: 16-04-2021

The Meto spraying robot is used in horticulture to carry out spraying activities in the greenhouse semi-automatically or fully automatically. Meto spraying robots work many hours in the greenhouse and the proper maintenance of the robot will influence the lifespan. What can you taken into account to increase the lifespan of your Meto?

Yearly maintenance of the Meto spraying robot

We recommend that a major maintenance is carried out on the Meto spraying robot once a year. During this maintenance, all parts of the spraying robot are checked. Our specialists are happy to help you with this major maintenance. You can pay attention to the minor issues yourself during the year. This minor maintenance is in fact at least as important as the major maintenance. 

Minor maintenance of the Meto spraying robot

You can easily perform minor maintenance on the Meto spraying robot yourself. Minor maintenance contributes to increasing the lifespan of the Meto. For this small maintenance, you do not need the support of specialists. With the guidance of a checklist, you can see how often you need to perform these maintenance checks. 

Check the hoses

The hose of the Meto spraying robot is essential. The hose ensures that the liquid is sprayed over the crop via the nozzles. Therefore, check the hose of the Meto regularly for breaks. Additionally, make sure that there are no kinks in the hose. Do you also possess a Meto Transport trolley? If yes, please also regularly check that hose for breaks.

Keep the pipes free of residual waste

Always ensure that the pipes are as clean as possible. Residual waste, such as leaves and rope, increases the chance of the Meto spraying robot’s wheels getting stuck. Rope increases the chance of the wheels wearing out more quickly. By keeping the pipes free of dirt, you prevent major maintenance from being necessary sooner. 

Watch the video about the Meto spraying robot below:

Regularly clean the filters of the spraying nozzles

For the crop it is important to have a good spray pattern. Because of this, the filters and nozzles of the Meto should be cleaned regularly. Pay attention to both the main filters as the pressure filters. These are checked during the major maintenance, but experience shows that it is good to maintain them throughout the year. Each nozzle has a filter, which is a brass filter behind the nozzle. Clean the filters with water after each session. When using powders, make sure they are all well dissolved. If the powders are not dissolved properly, this can cause deposits and blockages in the hose. Therefore, always clean the hoses and spray boom thoroughly after crop protection. 


Take care of a charged battery

Make sure the battery of the Meto spraying robot is charged properly. The battery indication measurement tool can help you to check this. It is not recommended to get the battery completely empty because it is difficult to fully recharge the battery from zero. Therefore, charge the battery before it indicates that it is completely empty.

Keep the Meto spraying robot clean

Prevent defects by cleaning the Meto spraying robot after each use. Make sure to clean the hoses, spray boom, the wheels and filters. The covers of the Meto should also be cleaned, as dirt causes the most wear. Use a slightly damp wipe to clean the metal parts of the Meto. Never use a high-pressure sprayer to clean the spraying robot.



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Questions about the Meto spraying robot

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