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Knowledge center Packaging & Design

The Royal Brinkman Knowledge center is divided into seven themes. Under theme Packaging & Design you find information from packaging trends to explanation about the proper packaging material for your product. 

Packaging & design

What is the added value of a unique concept?
As a grower it is getting more and more important for you to stand out in the chains: from commerce to the consumer. Unique packaging will distinguish your product from that of your colleagues, which will make your product stand out on the market.
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How do I design a logo and corporate identity?
A strong logo and matching house-style create an important building block of your business. They ensure strong recognizability for your customers. You make a first impression with this and you only have that chance once!
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▲ How do I choose the appropriate sleeve?
Flower and plant sleeves exist in various kinds and sizes, but also in different kinds of material. Each crop has different demands and it is therefore important to choose the sleeve that suits both these demands and your personal requirements. Our specialists provide information. 
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▲ How do I choose the right Hebo Halter?
Hebo Halters are suitable to seal plants simple and fast. The Halter prevents flower and leave damage and ensures a significant saving of labor, because of its easy way of working. Our specialists made a Hebo Halter decision aid to make your choice easier. 
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▲ How to make good product photos?
Digital sales of flowers and plants continues to increase. Because of this the importance of good product photos increases as well: after all, a customer wants to know what he is buying. Flower auctions makes it mandatory for growers to deliver a representative photo. But how do you make a representative photo?
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▲ What are the possibilities of using cardboard as packing material?

Using cardboard as packing material is a current trend. This packing material has many advantages: it is durable and offers good protection during transport. In addition to this it is also a versatile packing material and can be used in multiple forms, such as flower and plant boxes, protective covers for flowers and vegetable and fruit crates.
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Pots and containers

▲ How do I choose the right pot?

Every crop has different needs and using the right pot can contribute to the quality of your product. Think of choosing the right material, the right size and any bottom holes in the pot. That is why we are happy to give you additional information about the different options. 
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Capillary mats

▲  How do you choose the right irrigation mats?
Many pot plant nurseries use irrigation mats to water their crops. There are different types of irrigation mats available. The best mats to use for your crops, depend on multiple variables, such as water absorption, capillary action, substrate, method of watering and usage time.

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▲ Tips for using capillary mats
Many companies that produce potplants use capillary mats for irrigation. Capillary mats devide the water from the bottom so that the plants are irrigated equally. For the best result its important that the capillary mats are placed in the right position and are used in the right way. 
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Specialists Packaging & DesignQuestions about Packaging & Design
Do you have questions about Packaging & Design, or would you like to get personal advice? Contact one of our productspecialist, or use the form below. When you ask a questions or request personal advice, we will contact you within 24 hours on working days. 

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When you ask a questions or request personal advice, we will contact you within 24 hours on working days. 
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