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How do you choose the right pot?

choose potWritten by Bonita van Ingen | Last update: 01-06-2016

Every crop has different needs and using the right pot can contribute to the quality of your product. Think of choosing the right material, the right size and any bottom holes in the pot. That is why we are happy to give you additional information about the different options. 


We refer to two different kinds of pots: injection moulded pots or thermoform (vacuum) pots. Injection moulded pots are slightly thicker and therefore feel firmer and are recognizable by the injection tip at the bottom of the pot.  

Thermoform pots are smoother and often have a black/grey inside. These pots are more environmentally friendly because they are largely made of recyclable material. Thermoform pots are also easier to print. In addition, in the thermoform segment there is also a D-Grade line based on 100% vegetable raw materials without oil stocks. 


You can also choose a pot with an angle of 5 degrees and an angle of 8 degrees. We list the advantages and disadvantages of the different pots:

Pot 8 degreesPot 5 degrees
Less stable due to relatively narrow base
Stable thanks to wider underside
Greater risk of falling over in large plants
Suitable for large plants
Less rooting volume due to smaller pot contents
Larger rooted volume
Requires less potting soil and therefore saves money
A more expensive option by using more potting soil

Soil and bottom holes

An important part of the pot is the bottom. There are three types of soils: a flat bottom, a profile soil and a high foot soil. 

Flat soil

The flat bottom is suitable for use with an irrigation mat. The flat bottom makes direct contact with the soil, allowing the water to be absorbed quickly and evenly.

Profile floor

A profiled bottom, such as the multigate soil and the Y and X bottom, ensures complete and fast water intake and drainage at various levels. The first level is the optimal capillary drainage. In addition, a rapid dripping dewatering and maximum aeration takes place due to the distance between the soil and the subsoil. Finally, the dewatering openings on the sloping section contribute to fast water absorption and drainage. This floor is multifunctional and suitable for ground cover, irrigation mats and concrete floors, with or without ebb and flow systems. 

Soil with high foot

A high-footed soil has a number of advantages. Because of the high foot there is a certain distance to the subsoil. This distance ensures fast dripping dewatering and maximum aeration. The high-footed floor is very suitable for uneven growing floors. Because of the slanted holes, the water intake and discharge of the pots is optimal. The soil structure prevents unnecessary hanging water and therefore contributes to a disease-free root environment. The high-footed floor is suitable for concrete floors, with or without ebb and blood systems.

Pot met vlakke bodem
Pot met profielbodem
Pot met bodem met hoge voet
Flat soilProfile floorSoil with high foot

Soil holes

You can also opt for different numbers of bottom holes. A large number of bottom holes have several advantages:
  • It ensures faster exchange of water and air. 
  • The substrate becomes moister faster and more evenly. 
  • It offers the possibility to control (adjust) faster to moisture and manure requirements of the plant. 
  • More and smaller bottom holes ensure a better distribution of the fine substrate.

Pots as a marketing item

Pots can often be seen in black, terracotta or transparent. More and more the pot is also used as a marketing item: coloured pots to stand out, or printed pots as information carrier. This ensures that your product is more noticeable on the shelf.

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Questions regarding chosing the right pot

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