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The Royal Brinkman Knowledge center is divided into seven themes. Under theme Service articles you find information about how to choose the right work shoes, how to ensure fire safety in your company and information about HACCP.

Service articles

Working safely

 How to work safely in your business?
As employers it is important to offer your employees an environment where they can work as safely as possible. By identifying the possible risks in your place of business and implementing the appropriate measures, you minimize possibilities of hazardous situations and workplace accidents. 
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 Which warning signs do you need to place in your business?
Good basic signage contributes to safety in the workplace. Think about warning signs as indicators for the emergency exit, dangerous goods signs or prohibitory signs. It is important that signage is placed in the appropriate place, is large enough and that the stickers and signs conform to ISO 7010 norms as drawn up in 2012.
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Personal protection equipment

 How do you choose the right gloves? 
Different activities require different levels or ways of hand protection (e.g. against raw materials or chemicals) and therefore different types of work gloves. On the other hand, gloves may also be used to protect the crop and to prevent the spread of bacteria through the hands. 
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▲ How to use an eye shower or eye rinsing bottle?
At a horticultural company, an eye shower or eye rinsing bottle is indispensable. Despite the use of eye protection, it can still happen that chemical substances (such as crop protection products or fertilizers) end up in a person's eyes. It is then important that this person rinses out his or her eyes as quickly as possible.
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▲ How to clean a mask?
When carrying out work involving contact with mist or fine dust, such as spraying with crop protection products, you should wear a mask. When you have finished your work, it is important that you clean and store the mask properly. This prevents others from unintentionally contacting the fine dust and ensures that the mask has a longer life span.
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 How do I select the correct hose?
Greenhouses contain all kinds of hoses for a wide variety of purposes. Selecting a specific hose depends on a variety of factors: the required pressure (bar), the substance intended to be transported through the hose and the required strength of the hose. It is important that you select the correct hose for a specific application, seeing that the use of an unsuitable hose can in some cases lead to dangerous situations.
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