How to clean a mask

How to clean a maskWhen carrying out work involving contact with mist or fine dust, such as spraying with crop protection products, you should wear a mask. When you have finished your work, it is important that you clean and store the mask properly. This prevents others from unintentionally contacting the fine dust and ensures that the mask has a longer life span. Our specialist explains how to do this.

Cleaning and storage

Clean a mask as follows:
  1. Remove the filter. 
  2. Cover the filter. This will extend the life of the filter. If you don't cover the filter, the filter will continue to purify the air, even though you don't breathe through it. In other words, the less air comes into the filter, the longer the filter lasts. 
  3. Open the harness of the mask as far as it will go. 
  4. Immediately after use, rinse the mask thoroughly with lukewarm (not too hot) water. 
  5. Allow the mask to dry. Do not use in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. This may damage the mask and prevent it from offering full protection. 
  6. If necessary, the visor can be wiped clean with an antistatic hygiene wipe. 
  7. Store the mask airtight in the appropriate carrying box or storage device. 
  8. Preferably store the mask at room temperature. 

Questions about cleaning a mask
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