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How to clean sprinklers

How to clean sprinklersDepending on the water quality and the fertilizers used, precipitation of salts (especially calcium compounds) can occur on and in the sprinklers of your irrigation system. Higher dirt levels will interfere with the operation of the sprinklers. This reduces uniformity and irrigation. If you notice any dirt, it is best to clean the nozzles as soon as possible.

Cleaning in acid combinations

Plastic sprinklers can be cleaned in acid combinations. Make sure that the parts are in good contact with the acid. This treatment is not harmful to sprinklers or non-return valves, if you use the correct (permitted) concentration:

When making the dilution, make sure you use the correct solution. The above concentrations are pure in water. Trade solutions are based on a certain percentage of the active ingredient and the acid concentration must be considered. Do not use more than 25% of the volume of the liquid. This prevents the salts to be dissolved from influencing the concentration of the acid too much.

Cleaning up and installing

After treatment, rinse the sprinklers thoroughly with clean water. Then install the sprinklers with clamping connections by turning one part a quarter of while pressing it on top of the other part.

Additional sprinklers

For ease of use, you can choose to purchase additional sprinklers for one crane compartment. When removing the dirty sprinklers, the cleaned sprinklers can be suspended, so that you only need to pass the sprinklers once.

Questions about cleaning sprinklers
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