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How to solve a malfunction of a Bermad plastic valve

Bermad plastic valIt is possible that a Bermad plastic valve shows a fault, or that other problems occur. In the event of a fault, no water can pass through, or water can constantly pass through. Both situations are undesirable and must therefore be remedied as soon as possible. In this article, our specialist will therefore list the most common malfunctions of Bermad plastic valves and the associated solutions.

Possible malfunctions of a Bermad plastic valve

Below you will find an overview of the most common malfunctions of Bermad plastic valves and the corresponding solutions. If the valve shows any other faults or problems, consult a mechanic.

Possible cause
Shutter does not openNo electrical signal
Check power supplies
Insufficient pressure inlet
Check water pressure devices
• Core solenoid is stuck
• Check and clean core
• Solenoid connections are clogged
• Check and clean connection
• Solenoid does not respond - no 'click
• Test the solenoid, replace it if necessary and check that the power supply is the same as specified on the solenoid
Diaphragm leaks
Replace diaphragm
Valve does not close
Dirt in the hole of the diaphragm
Disassemble, clean and apply a filter
Stagnation filter is closed
Dismantle and clean the Stagnation Filter
Stagnation filter is not properly installed
Stagnation filter must be mounted with an arrow in the direction of flow
• Solenoid remains endorsed
• Untreated solenoid
• Reduce the leakage current
• Solenoid connections are clogged
• check and clean up closure
Dirt is stuck underneath the diaphragm
Open the valve and remove any dirt, check the diaphragm for damage
Manual mode is set to 'open'
Set manual mode to 'auto'

Points for attention in maintenance and repair

When servicing and repairing a Bermad plastic valve, take the following points for attention:
  • Before disassembling the valve or its parts, check that the installation has been depressurized. 
  • The cover of the valve can be removed by loosening the bolts/screws/clamping ring. 
  • When replacing the diaphragm, pay attention to the hole in the cuff (¾" and 1" 200 series). 

Questions about malfunction of a Bermad plastic valve
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