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Malfunction of an Udi 6Matic or 863R automatic filter

Malfunction of an Udi 6Matic or 863R automatic filterThe Udi 6Matic and the Udi 863R filters are automatic, self-cleaning sieve filters. It is possible that an Udi 6Matic or an Udi 863R filter may have a malfunction, or that other problems may occur. In that case, it is important that you act as soon as possible and resolve the fault so that as few problems as possible occur. In this article, our specialist will list the most common failures of the Udi 6Matic and Udi 863R filters and the associated solutions for you.

Note: Do not open or tighten the filter cover while the filter is in use or under pressure!

Possible malfunctions and solutions 

Possible cause
System does not work

Main switch OFF
Check that the main power switch is ON (AAN) Check that power (electricity) is available. Check fuses/for overload
Fault Bulb
Main switch ON
Find the possible cause and correct the failure
No water flows
Not open
Open the shutter
Flow rate is low, or exhaust pressure is low
Water pressure (inlet) or line pressure
Pressure is low (< 2.4 bar)
Press the button for manual flushing (after all necessary valves are opened). Increase the pressure to normal pressure:
• Water 
• Pumps
• Valves
• Main cable blocked

Go to the next line
Pressure drop too high
Pressure drop on filter, different values on pressure gauge
Pressure difference is > 0.5 bar
Perform manual rinsing
Pressure difference remains high after manual flushing

Check the flow rate - if not excessive above the design flow rate, rewind manually. 
If the pressure difference is high, please check for:
• Loose or leaking steering tubes and loose wires
• Unusually high dirt deposits, larger than expected - call service personnel while reducing the flow rate
• Unusual clogging of the filter - close the valves, dismantle the filter and clean the sieves

Spraying valve does not close
Dirt on valve seat
Close the water inlet - take pressure off the filter and clean
Spraying tap does not open
Electromagnetic valve light does not light up

Problem with the wiring. If the solenoid is defective, replace it
Too frequent rinsing cycles
Raw water
Dirt load is very high, or the dirt is very powerful and sticky
Continuously rinse the filter

Other failure of an Udi 6Matic or 863R filter

If the Udi 6Matic or 863R filter shows a different fault, consult your dealer.


To prevent malfunctions, it is important that you maintain the Udi 6Matic or 863R filter properly and clean it regularly. Instructions for this can be found in the filter manual.

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